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Does Anchor General liability only auto insurance provide towing?

Things to Remember...

  • Liability insurance is coverage that protects your assets if you cause a car accident
  • Anchor General is a specialty insurance agency located in San Diego, California. Anchor General sells products in California, Texas, and in Arizona
  • Anchor General liability insurance doesn’t include towing

Anchor General liability insurance doesn’t include towing. In order to get a towing option for your auto insurance, you will have to purchase a towing rider for your policy. This option is usually very inexpensive, costing $1 or $2 a month.

Liability insurance is coverage that protects your assets if you cause a car accident. Instead of someone coming after you to pay for their damages, they seek payment from your insurance company.

Every state, but New Hampshire, has, at least, some insurance requirements for drivers.

Most states allow liability only coverage, although you do have to understand that this means that you won’t have coverage for your own vehicle in any accidents that you cause; you need collision insurance to cover your vehicle.

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What kind of insurance company is Anchor General?

Anchor General is a specialty insurance agency located in San Diego, California. Anchor General sells products in California, Texas, and in Arizona.

Anchor General works with independent insurance agents, which they call producers, to sell their products, although you can contact the company directly for quotes.

Their website is not geared for traffic, and you cannot get quotes online.

What kind of insurance does Anchor General sell?

Anchor General is a specialty insurance company that works only with private insurers. When you think of specialty insurance, you probably think of some unusual insurance that no one else offers.

The truth is, however, that Anchor General specializes in only two kinds of insurance, which are liability and collision.

They refer to it as physical damage coverage.

Keep in mind that according to a Anchor General auto insurance review, the company doesn’t sell towing insurance as part of their products.

Does Anchor General handle its own claims?

Yes, Anchor General does handle all of their own claims. In fact, they claim that their customer service representatives are some of the best in the business.

Anchor General is a BBB accredited business, and they have a rating of B.

According to the BBB, they have this higher rating because they are quick to resolve any issues or complaints their customers may have regarding the company.

Anchor General has had 47 complaints filed against them in the last year with the BBB; however, all but three were considered to be resolved satisfactorily. None of the complaints involved customer service or claims.

How can I purchase Anchor General products?

As mentioned above, you can go directly to the Anchor General website to ask for a quote by going to the contact page. There is no indication on the website as to how long it will take to get a quote.

In addition, there are no links to any of the agents that represent the company on their website.

This lack of information makes it very difficult for you to get the information that you need to make an educated decision about the products that they sell.

Is Anchor General a good choice for auto insurance?

The truth is it is impossible for us to provide any good information on this company since they don’t provide any information on their products outside of the general info provided here.

Also, without any links to their agents, we can’t contact any of them to determine whether their services have any value.

What’s more, they are often more particular about the type of customers they accept, which means that they don’t usually accept high-risk drivers.

We aren’t saying that this is the case with Anchor General, only that this is often the case with companies like this one.

What are my other options for auto insurance?

You have a lot of other options for your auto insurance. Every state has several small insurance companies, some that specialize and some that are general, that allow you to have more choices.

Moreover, there are many big name companies that sell products in all 50 states that you can choose from as well. The key is choosing the ones that best suit you and the services that you need.

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