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How to Cancel Progressive Auto Insurance

Things to remember...

  • Canceling your Progressive auto insurance policy is as simple as notifying your insurer that you no longer want coverage through that particular company
  • You can call or go in person to your Progressive insurance agent’s office to let them know that you want to cancel your insurance policy
  • You can also call the main number for Progressive, 866-416-2003, and inform them that you want to start the cancellation process.
  • If you have an online account with Progressive, you can log in with your policy number and driver’s license number to cancel your Progressive insurance online.

Canceling your Progressive insurance policy is a very straightforward process as long as you have your policy information. There are a variety of options to cancel your policy. A major concern to be aware of is that you will need to choose insurance options through other auto insurance providers if you are going to continue to drive.

Canceling your car insurance without maintaining the legal coverage could land you in a lot of trouble and with some expensive fines.

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Table of Contents

How to Cancel Progressive Insurance Online

To cancel Progressive Insurance online, you will need your car insurance policy number and driver’s license number. You can find this information on one of your insurance premium bills, your actual insurance policy or your car insurance card.

Progressive is just like most other car insurance companies when it comes to being able to cancel your car insurance policy in a variety of ways. If you are not able to cancel your Progressive policy by going to the office in person, then you can pick up the phone to make a quick call. Otherwise, you are able to do so online. (You can also read this Progressive Direct Auto Insurance Review here first)

If you do not have access to your car insurance policy number, then calling your agent or the Progressive company number is the easiest way to go about your cancellation. They will be able to look up your account with some basic information, such as your name, date of birth, and Social Security number.

Let’s look at a step-by-step on canceling Progressive auto insurance.

Step #1: Make the decision to cancel Progressive.

Are you up for renewal soon?

Most auto insurance policies are written for six-month terms, and your insurance card should show the policy dates you’ve already paid for.

However, it’s important to note that you can cancel your policy at any time with Progressive. If you’ve paid ahead of time, you’ll receive a refund for the portion of unused premiums.

Step #2: Shop Around

Get multiple insurance quotes from auto insurance companies so that you can get the best rate.

You can compare quotes all at once to make sure you choose the right company.

Step #3: Choose a New Auto Insurance Company

After getting quotes from multiple places, it’s time to choose. Which one came in the cheapest?

Once you’ve chosen a new auto insurance company, you can move on to the next step.

Step #4: Call Progressive or Mail a Notice of Cancellation

To cancel, you can either send a notice of cancellation to the following address:

The Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143.

Or you can also call the Progressive auto insurance number at (888)416-2003.

Step #5: Pay Cancellation Fee (If Applicable)

If your Progressive policy isn’t up for renewal any time soon, you can cancel. However, you might have to pay cancellation fees.

Step #6: Doublecheck Your Refund Amount

If you’re due a refund, make sure you double check the amount.

Does Progressive Charge a Cancellation Fee?

The typical Progressive cancellation fee is $0. That means that policyholders won’t see any penalty charges on their credit card bills. This can differ from state to state and with certain types of insurance policies so be sure to check with them about the rules in your state.

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Before You Cancel Progressive Car Insurance

The major reasons that you might need to cancel your Progressive car insurance coverage include that you are going to donate your car, you no longer plan to drive, your car is being rebuilt and will not be on the roads or you are getting rid of your car altogether.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you should cancel coverage for your car so that you are not paying for insurance that you do not need any longer.

On the other hand, if you are simply canceling your auto insurance coverage because you want to go to another insurance company, then there are some important considerations for you before you ultimately cancel your policy.

The most important one is that you need your car insurance to be active in order to be legally covered to drive. You will have a lapse in your coverage if you cancel before another policy is in place, so the timing of the cancellation is very important.

Also, make sure to ask for a refund of any amounts of your premium that have not yet been used.

This should not be a problem to get, but you should ask for it just in case. You do not have to wait around until your insurance expires in order to cancel it, but you will want to make sure that you get your money back if there is any left for your policy.

In addition, make sure that the new insurance company takes care of notifying the state that you have the required coverage again for car insurance. There is no need to get any expensive fines because this step was not taken care of in time.

How to Switch Your Car Insurance from Progressive

If you decide to switch your car insurance from Progressive, make sure that you are looking at more than just the price of the new replacement insurance policy when you switch.

The company also needs to be licensed to provide adequate coverage for drivers in your state and should have a positive record for taking care of customers’ claims.

Getting a low price is definitely important, but it should not be the sole reason that you switch car insurance companies.

Do not sacrifice the amount of the coverage you need and the quality of customer service from your insurance company just for a bottom barrel price on insurance.

Recap on What You Need to Know About Canceling Your Progressive Insurance Policy

You can cancel your current Progressive insurance policy a bunch of different ways. Making the call or going online to cancel your insurance policy is the easy part.

The step that takes a little more thought is how you are going to pick up the insurance you need if you still have a reason to be driving.

Also, even though the process of switching auto insurance companies is easy, you need to give careful thought as to the quality of coverage you are getting and the track record of the new insurance company in processing and settling claims. Most times with car insurance, you ultimately get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Progressive Auto Insurance

#1 – What should I do before canceling my car insurance with Progressive?

Shop around and get a new policy in place before you cancel your policy.

#2 – Does Progressive charge a cancellation fee?

Typically, you will not have to pay a cancellation fee for canceling your policy early. You should make sure that you get your full refund.

#3 – Where can I find new car insurance after I’ve canceled my Progressive policy?

You should get a new policy before canceling your Progressive insurance. However, if you canceled first, it’s not that hard to get quick auto insurance.

We can help you out. Use our tool below to get free quotes from multiple auto insurers.

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