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Can you get auto insurance for three months?

Here's what you need to know...

  • Think outside of the big national insurance companies for a short-term car insurance policy.
  • Insurers with a unique underwriting skill-set are best suited to write short-term policies.
  • When buying a three-month auto insurance policy, find the right mix of rates and coverage.

Can I get a three-month car insurance plan? If you’re wondering how to get auto insurance for three months or other monthly car insurance, you’re not alone.

Most auto insurance providers offer one of the two standard auto insurance policy terms. Auto insurance policies include a six-month car insurance policy and an annual policy (12 months).

When you need to get something that is outside of those two options, things can get tricky. You don’t want to get caught driving without insurance.

If you need an auto insurance policy for three months, shop around and you may be surprised at what you find.

See what companies offer affordable three-month auto insurance using our free comparison tool. Enter your ZIP code above to start comparing three-month auto insurance quotes.

Table of Contents

Which companies sell short term auto insurance?

Three-month auto insurance companies can be hard to find.

Car insurance is viewed differently by different generations. Younger generations are trading monthly car insurance for month-to-month car insurance using telematics.

Usage-based car insurance policies only charge you for the miles you drive, plus a small base rate.

Smartphone auto insurance services can offer daily car insurance, but 14-day car insurance or one-day car insurance in the USA won’t be something you can buy.

When you need a car insurance policy that will be effective for something other than a six-month or annual policy period, you probably want to think outside of the big players.

You want to get a policy that gives you need in terms of length, with the policy limits you want, at a reasonable rate.

Why would you need auto insurance for three months?

There are many reasons you might consider a short-term car insurance policy.

These are some possible scenarios where your auto insurance needs can change:

  • You have a student away at college – You might be tempted to take your student off of your auto insurance if they are away at college without a car. It might actually be easier to keep them on your policy and just let your insurance company know the situation. Most companies will give you a discount, and then your student can still drive when they are home.
  • You are borrowing or renting a car – If you are borrowing or renting a car, your traditional car insurance policy might already cover you. If not, consider getting a non-owner auto insurance policy. This allows you have the coverage you want on a car that isn’t yours. You do not have to start and stop your insurance.
  • Storing a vehicle – If you won’t be driving your car for a few months, you might want to switch to a temporary policy. You should still keep at least comprehensive coverage on your car so that damages will still be covered.
  • Driving into another country – If you are driving in Mexico or Canada, you might have to add short-term international coverage to your auto insurance policy. Speak with an agent to determine what you will need.

There are many reasons you may need a non-traditional auto insurance policy. Before you make any decisions, find out exactly what you will need and what options are available to you.

Some drivers purchase a traditional auto insurance policy and then cancel it when they no longer need it. That can be risky.

Although you can cancel your car insurance policy at any time for any reason, some companies will charge additional fees, so you could wind up paying more than if you just kept your policy to term.

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What’s the average cost of auto insurance?

Now that you know temporary auto insurance is available for big and small market auto insurance companies, let’s explore the average car insurance rates.

The average core coverage costs below are from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Coverage Type
Basic Auto Insurance Coverage TypesAverage Annual Auto Insurance Insurance RatesAverage Monthly Auto Insurance Rates
Compare RatesStart Now →

Full coverage, or combined coverage, is the total of all three core coverages. The national average cost for full coverage per month is $86.

However, full coverage costs vary because of the factors that determine auto insurance. It’s even more unpredictable with one-month car insurance.

For example, having GEICO or Progressive temporary auto insurance for one month may be cheaper than short-term auto insurance with Root Insurance.

Find ways to lower the rate. Some car insurance companies will have cheaper rates if your credit score is good.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers with good credit are less likely to file a claim, and companies will issue cheaper rates because the consumer presents minimal risk.

Look at some auto insurance quotes in your area now by entering your ZIP code below.

What niche auto insurance companies serve the short-term market?

Temporary car insurance is available in Texas, New Jersey, and many other states. However, some companies don’t carry short-term auto insurance options.

But how can I insure a car for three months? You can get a three-month auto insurance policy if you need it.

What if you need a car for three months? A three-month car insurance plan is a short-term solution, and some companies may penalize you for using car insurance for only three months.

It’s all about finding an insurance company that will serve your needs and provides you with the policy that you want, at an affordable price.

You’ve probably seen three months of free car insurance somewhere online, but these free car insurance promises may come with a high down payment.

From an underwriting standpoint, it is very different writing a risk for such a short period as three months.

Traditional auto insurance terms of six-months or one year give you the peace of mind that you know what your rates are and that they won’t change. The car insurance company also knows that they can expect the same amount of money each month.

When you get a car insurance policy for a year, the policy rate you pay is expected to cover the risk that you present to that insurer for that period.

When you cut that length of time down to three months, it takes a unique underwriting talent pool to come up with a competitive rate amount based on your present risk.

Niche insurance companies service the temporary auto insurance market because they have the expertise to write such unique car insurance policies. This means that they will be experienced in writing risks such as yours, pricing them competitively, and service them.

Do short-term auto insurance policies have more risk of fluctuation in rates?

As an insured, the risk to you when you have a car insurance policy for such a short period is that you face an increased risk of rate fluctuation.

When you have an annual insurance policy and get in an accident in month two of the policy, the rate you are paying is not going to increase until the policy is renewed that following year.

With a three-month car insurance policy, though, the rate will increase right after month three when your policy is up for renewal.

This creates an environment for insurers where they can price policies more competitively in terms of rates and then adjust at renewal more frequently so that you as a risk is the price in a way where they are not over-exposed to something outside of their business appetite.

Short-term car insurance policies are certainly available. It’s all about shopping for the online market, though, to find the right policy.

This means finding a policy that has a reasonable rate while also providing good value in terms of the coverage it provides.

The market is certainly out there. It all comes down to you and how you’re comparing policies that are available and choose what gives you the most comfort.

Before you buy three-month auto insurance, be sure to shop around for the best deals. Each company will charge different three-month auto insurance rates.

If you need auto insurance for three months, start by entering your ZIP code in the free comparison tool below.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can you get auto insurance for three months?

Let’s go over a few frequently asked questions. These questions appear across the internet, and they can supplement what you’ve learned in this guide.

#1 – Can I suspend my auto insurance for three months?

You can’t suspend a car insurance policy. You can only cancel or renew. If you cancel your car insurance policy after three months, you could pay a fine.

Some car insurance companies have short-term car insurance options. Keep shopping around to see which companies offer temporary car insurance.

#2 – What is the best month to buy auto insurance?

The best time to buy car insurance is in February and August.

#3 – What is the average cost of monthly auto insurance?

The average monthly car insurance cost is $86 per month for full coverage, according to the NAIC.

#4 – Can you buy one-month auto insurance?

Can you get insurance for a month? No. If you happen to carry auto insurance for one month and cancel, you could be fined by the auto insurance company.

#5 – Can I cancel my auto insurance if I pay monthly?

It depends on your terms of service. Auto insurance companies prefer that you set a date 15 to 60 days after you want to cancel.


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