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Where can I find a free auto insurance quote?

Things to Remember...

  • A car insurance quote is a personalized estimate that helps consumers budget the cost of insurance in their household
  • Car insurance quotes are not binding and can change at any time based on rating factors or on the company’s rate filings
  • Consumers can solicit quotes through exclusive agencies, by calling toll-free numbers, by accessing direct websites, by contacting brokers, or by using brokerage-style websites
  • In most cases, it is free to request a quote but you may have to pay for the quote if you do business with a broker who charges a fee
  • It is important that you provide the most accurate information possible to avoid misquotes which can lead to higher insurance costs

Before consumers buy car insurance it’s imperative that they set aside time to compare car insurance quotes. Unlike the traditional consumer good that carries the same price tag for every consumer that visits the store, rates vary from person to person in the vast world of auto insurance.

Since every carrier charges their own unique rate, the only real way to shop the market is to get a quote that estimates what your costs for coverage will be. Compare car insurance rates now by using our FREE quote tool below!

In most cases, getting a price estimate for your potential cost of car insurance coverage is free. Unfortunately, some methods can lead to fees and others can cost you a great deal of time.

This is why it’s important to compare the different places where you can get free quotes and the pros and cons of each method. Read this guide to getting accurate car insurance quotes in as little time as possible.

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Why is it so important to shop the market for competitive car insurance quotes?

It’s always tempting to save yourself time and to settle for the first quote that you’re offered, but that single decision could cost you hundreds over a span of just 6 months or a year.

Just like lenders set their own interest rates, auto insurance carriers set their own insurance rates per $1000 of coverage.

These auto insurance rates must be approved by the Department of Insurance that regulates industry pricing, but in the end, it is the carrier that decides how much is appropriate to cover the cost of pure insurance and to cover overhead so that the carrier can stay profitable.

This is why no company’s rates are the same and it is so important to solicit quotes before you assume you’re getting the best possible deal.

How should you prepare to solicit free quotes?

Preparation is always key when you want things to go as smoothly as possible. If your goal is to find insurance that you can afford to maintain, the first thing you need to know is how you can prepare.

Since quotes are based on both your personal information and your coverage limits, you’ll need to do some research before you buy a basic plan that doesn’t provide much protection. Here are some tips that can help you navigate through the quoting process seamlessly:

  • Loss History Letter Review the state auto insurance requirements for vehicle owners
  • Decide how much coverage you will need to satisfy your lenders, state law and to still protect your assets
  • Review your current auto insurance policy and limits to determine how much you pay
  • Get a driving abstract through the DMV to review your driving record and chargeable infractions
  • Ask your current insurer for a Loss History Letter to review prior claims and whether or not they were at fault
  • Gather the names, dates of birth, driving record information and date licensed for each driver with access to your cars
  • Gather vehicle information, VIN, odometer reading, estimated annual mileage, aftermarket safety features, etc.

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What are the best methods for getting auto insurance quotes?

You don’t necessarily have to visit an insurance agency to get one or multiple auto insurance quotes, but that’s always an option. In today’s modern world, a majority of auto insurance consumers buy their insurance remotely via either the phone, email or the world wide web.

If you’re trying to decide where to get your quotes, here are some of the methods to consider that are extremely popular today:

  • Visit a district office or agent’s office where car insurance products through the carrier are exclusively sold
  • Visit a brokerage, where a licensed broker can promote products from multiple carriers
  • Call a local agent directly and ask for quotes by mail or email
  • Call a 1-800 toll-free number where licensed agents are standing by to provide you with personalized quotes by phone
  • Access a company’s direct website and use their online quoting tool for instant custom quotes that can be purchased online
  • Access a brokerage-style quote comparison tool online that provides multiple quotes

What are the pros and cons of in-person quotes?

One of the great things about requesting your auto insurance quotes at an agency or brokerage is that you can build a relationship with the professional who’ll be selling you insurance.

You can review quotes in person, make adjustments, and visit the same professional if you want to make changes to a policy after it’s issued.

The main problem is that you must make your way to an agency. If you don’t have insurance, this can be dangerous and risky. If you work, you may have to spend your lunch or take off time just to get quotes.

And if you get quotes through a broker, you’ll ultimately pay a fee which eats up your savings.

What are the pros and cons of getting quotes by phone?

Quotes by phone are more convenient than traditional quotes, but it can be hard to grasp what you’re being told. It’s also true that you won’t speak to the same agent when you call a call center and need to call back, which is a deal-breaker for some consumers but not all.

If you’re worried about your time and you want to find competitive premiums, you should consider using an online quote comparison tool.

These tools are free to use and can direct you to the right carrier that charges the right premiums. Simply enter the information that you’ve gathered, press the submit button, and you’re on your way to finding multiple instant quotes for the insurance coverage you’ve selected free of charge.

Enter your zip code in our FREE quote tool below to compare auto rates now!


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