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Getting an Instant Auto Insurance Card

Things to Remember...
  • The Internet benefits consumers who are shopping for auto insurance in many ways
  • When shopping online, have your driver’s license and information for all insureds’ for the proposed policy handy
  • Every auto insurance company has a different of doing business and handling customer questions, claims and policies

The best part about buying auto insurance these days is the speed for consumers. You can quickly shop around and compare quotes to find the best deal and actually get your insurance card almost instantly.

The Internet benefits consumers who are shopping for auto insurance in many ways. For one, as soon as you decide you want insurance, within minutes, you will know how competitively you can find insurance rates for an insurance policy.

Additionally, only a few minutes after that, you can print out your insurance cards to make your policy official.

Always compare auto insurance policies before choosing one. Enter your zip code into the search field above to get started!

Making Instant Auto Insurance Card a Reality

As always, with car insurance, the best way to shop is by being prepared.

  • Have your driver’s license and information for all insureds’ for the proposed policy handy.
  • Know how many miles you drive annually.
  • Know how far other drivers on the policy drive every year.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Enter your ZIP code below to view companies that have cheap auto insurance rates.

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Anticipate Changes for the Policy Period

Another great way to save time is to run a handful of quotes for changes that might happen during the upcoming policy period. For instance, have you been looking at new houses or new cars?

Run those zip codes and car model through the car insurance quoting system. It’s quick, free and you are already shopping around comparing quotes online.

What you might not have been aware of is that the car you have been eyeing is the “off” year for a great auto maker’s normally best-selling model.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that the new neighborhood boasts a good safety record.

Maybe new traffic calming systems that the town put into place are effectively reducing accidents to cause a good drop in insurance rates.

On the other hand, that new complex that’s been built across the street from the house you were hoping to buy, might be causing congestion, confusion and serious accidents.

Who’s Coming and Going?

Maybe your son is just turning 23, graduated college, got a job and is moving across the country. Congratulations, you can now drop him from your insurance policies for good.

Likewise, if your son is just about to get his license, be sure to try out quotes in a few different ways.

  • Input your son for his very own policy, even if you plan on paying for it.
  • If he’s a good student, include that in your insurance quote. Good students save you money.
  • If he is about to buy a car, show him how much he can save by comparing costs of different cars via insurance quotes comparisons.
  • Save more by putting him through safe driving courses. It gives you peace of mind and can save a tremendous amount of money.

Keeping up with Changes

The whole idea is to keep up with changes in your life in your insurance policy.

Actually, all of your insurance policies are impacted by your son getting a job and leaving home.

You may not need as much protection under your homeowner’s or umbrella policy because he is taking all of his expensive toys with him.

Your changes might reduce all of your policies, which brings up another great idea for saving a lot of money.

Bundle Insurance Policies to Maximize Savings

In particular, when you have life changes, it might just lower your policy premiums. One way to maximize those savings is to bundle your different types of coverage with one carrier.

In this increasingly competitive insurance landscape, insurers are more than happy to throw you discounts for signing up for multiple policies with them.

Another excellent aspect of bundling is having all of your insurance and policyholder information streamlined with one carrier.

For instance, if you have the misfortune of a house fire with your new car in your garage, you may not have to keep retelling the harrowing details of the events and keep talking about what was lost.

It’s not only harmful to your health but also a waste of your time. Instead, a good insurance carrier will help you to move through the claims process more easily and effortlessly. This brings you to another area of interest: knowing your potential insurer’s record with customers.

Research Potential Insurance Carriers

Every auto insurance company has a different of doing business and handling customer questions, claims and policies. It’s similar to how there are 500 different types of hot sauce, but only five of them appeal to your taste buds.

Find out the following before signing up for a new policy:

  • What’s their credit worthiness? In other words, can they afford to pay the claims? Look at Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best to find out.
  • Are they true to their word? Some carriers try everything in their power to avoid paying on legitimate claims. Do not end up stuck with one of these insurance carriers. Review what customers say about their experience with the different insurance companies before you buy.
  • Do the body shops that the carrier sends you to measure up?
  • Are the customer service and claims specialists as pleasant as the salespeople? Look for top ratings throughout the customer experience.

Buying insurance is an always improving process become seemingly quicker by the day, thanks to the Internet, Smartphones and other technology.

Insurers have their own blogs, are accessible on social networking sites and available almost instantly by way of email and phone.

When buying coverage, do your research to find the carrier who will pay the bill and has excellent customer service ratings.

Not all carriers will appeal to you, but they might be very popular over all. So, give it a try to see what works for you financially and personality wise.

Enter your zip code into the FREE search tool below to start comparing quotes instantly!


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