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What is an auto insurance price match?

Things to Remember...
  • Because of the personalized nature of car insurance, some companies may not be willing to price match
  • Although taking our collision and comprehensive coverage may save you money in the short term, it may cost you thousands in the case of an accident
  • Buying multiple lines of coverage from the same insurer can save you money
  • Do not rely on the car insurance agent to do the work for you – scout out competing rates on your own!

Internet price quoting tools have changed the way companies give out quotes. The Internet has made it easier for customers to find competitive quotes. This creates competition among car insurance insurers to offer the best possible rates.

You may be familiar with the practice of price matching in supermarkets. For instance, some supermarkets will match a competitor’s price for the same product.

However, many people do not know that many car insurance companies also offer the same price matching discount to the potential buyers.

Start comparing rates by using our FREE online tool above!

Table of Contents

Matching Prices the Auto Insurance Way

Typically, for car insurance comparisons, will have to search out the deals for yourself.

What you may find surprising is that while the car insurance companies are willing to go a long way to sign you onto a policy, they may not be as eager to price match.

For instance, even if you do find a lower price with another competing insurance company, your present car insurance carrier may unfortunately not be able to match the desired price. In this case, most insurance companies will deny your request to match a competitor’s lower price.

Getting Good Value for Your Money

As the consumer, you must take the initiative to scout out competing car insurance rates. Every consumer has different specialized needs – car insurance companies often specialize rates in order to match these needs. Each policy is as unique as the policyholder it protects. 

Often, friends, family and the occasional one-size-fits-all insurance agent may tell you to remove collision and comprehensive coverage for an older and less valuable car, in order to save costs on your policy.

However, if you have no emergency savings, then cutting collision and comprehensive coverage might cost thousands if you get into an accident.

Otherwise, you could earn a benefit payout from your insurer if your car is totaled or damaged.

Everyone has different needs. As the consumer, the choice is yours. For instance, paying a $1,000 deductible for insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage that costs $300 makes no sense if your car is valued at $1,500.

As an alternative, if you have good enough credit, you can keep an open line of credit in the case of an accident. In the world of car coverage, cash is king. The best bet is always to save money to be prepared for an emergency, despite having coverage.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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Compare Quotes for the Best Coverage

The key to getting the best coverage at the most competitive rate is to compare quotes. Of course, the cheapest quote does not necessarily mean that it is the best one for you. However, doing your research ahead of time can save you money in the long run.

When comparing carriers, it important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Check their customer service rankings
  • Explore deductibles
  • Review costs of coverage and your needs
  • Evaluate perks

When looking at the many auto insurance carriers, make sure that they will be able to your specific needs.

Additionally, ensure that you will receive quality coverage and reliable service in case of accidents, damages, and injuries.

Reliability cannot be underestimated because of the nature of the service an insurer is tasked with providing.

For policyholders, the ease of receiving policy benefits after filing a claim is also paramount. For that reason, turn to other customers to find out how effectively they were treated by the same carriers you are considering.

Other ways to make reasonable savings gains is to combine policies with one carrier.

Buy Multiple Lines of Coverage

The same carrier who provides your homeowners, condo owner’s or renter’s insurance might be the best bet for your auto insurance policy. Through a mode of savings called multi-line discounts, you might save up to 10 percent on all your policies.

Other ways to whittle down the cost of coverage include having a security system in your car. Avoid buying and insuring cars that thieves love. If your car is on the top 10 most stolen cars, for instance, it will cost more to insure.

You have to remember that the more likely an insurer is to have to pay out benefits on your policy, the more your insurance premium will cost.

Saving More Money

Other ways to save money are:

  • Avoid making unnecessary claims
  • Improve driver safety with safe or defensive driving classes
  • Compare policy options when you have teen drivers

For instance, recently licensed teenage drivers can cost their parents substantial car insurance costs. For that reason, many parents shop for separate policies for their teen drivers.

In many families, it is important for teens to get their license, have access to their own car, and an affordable insurance policy. Whatever your personal situation is, it is important to do your own research first in order to secure the best rate possible.

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