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Dodge Auto Insurance vs Ford Auto Insurance

Things to Remember...

  • Dodge and Ford are the leading vehicle manufacturers in the USA
  • Dodge and Ford price their vehicles ranging from $13,000 to $45,000, which makes them moderately priced
  • The best way to compare the difference in costs for car insurance is to first identify each vehicle and point out the particulars that drive the rates up or keep them low

When it comes to the question of Dodge auto insurance vs. Ford auto insurance, there are some things to consider. Many people may think that since both are American-made vehicles that the rates are comparable.

One of the most common misconceptions about both Dodge and Ford vehicles is they are cheap. This misconception is how rumors about low-cost maintenance and auto insurance spread.

In truth, these two manufacturers design vehicles in a variety of model classes including compacts, mid-size sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. One major difference you may notice immediately, however, is that Ford has more of a selection including hybrids.

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Table of Contents

Prices of Dodge and Ford Vehicles

Dodge and Ford price their vehicles ranging from $13,000 to $45,000, which makes them moderately priced. In addition, they place a special emphasis on combining safety and technology so the auto insurance industry rates them accordingly.

Bear in mind, that the actual retail price of any of these models does not always dictate the rate for auto insurance.

The best way to compare the difference in costs for car insurance is to first identify each vehicle and point out the particulars that drive the rates up or keep them low.

Luckily, both Dodge and Ford equip their vehicles with the latest computerized advances to help their customers remain safe while operating their cars, trucks, or SUVs.

This is to their credit especially since the information on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points to crash avoidance and crash protection mechanisms as the number one way to reduce fatalities.

Cars Made by Dodge

Dodge makes four very popular models for 2012. Priced lowest to highest they include the Caliber, Avenger, Challenger, and Charger. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the 2012 Caliber starts at approximately $17,380.

This vehicle gets as much as 32 miles per gallon and has very attractive standard safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Multistage Airbags. The average cost for annual automobile insurance on this vehicle is $1,377.

The 2012 Avenger is a mid-size sedan that retails for $18,995. This vehicle gets slightly lower MPG, coming in at around 31. The Avenger also has excellent, standard safety devices to help the driver avoid collisions.

In addition to ESC, you can vary the speed using traction control sensors during slippery road conditions. Combined with the ABS, or anti-lock brake system, and tire monitoring system, most of these car owners can feel secure on virtually any terrain.

The 2012 Challenger is a modern-day muscle car with intense engine capacity and a number of high-tech options to rival the competing Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro.

Reasonably priced at $25,195, you can rest securely knowing the rear-wheel drive works superbly with the anti-lock disc brakes to allow maximum stopping distance.

If handled correctly, this helps to minimize the number of accidents. This is why the average cost of a yearly car insurance policy is only about $1,338, by far the cheapest.

Finally, the most expensive car is the 2012 Charger, coming in at $25,595, but the SRT8 model can cost $45,925. However, do let the price intimidate you. This automobile packs quite a lot for the money.

The Charger has exceptional features to protect the driver and passengers, which is why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety presented a top safety pick award in 2012.

Ironically, though, the average cost of an annual policy is actually very expensive. Most drivers receive quotes of about $1,686 per year.

Dodge SUVs or Crossover Models and Minivans

Dodge makes three vehicles in this category for 2012, the Journey, Grand Caravan, and Durango. The retail price for the 2012 Journey is $18,995; the Grand Caravan is $2,000 more, priced at $20,995. The 2012 Durango is the most expensive, averaging approximately $28,995.

As the only crossover made by Dodge, the 2012 Journey still has some reputation building to do. However, with ESC, Electronic Roll Mitigation, all-wheel drive and tire pressure monitoring systems, it’s well on the way to becoming a five-star winner.

One of the best features is the rear view parking assistance system that allows the driver to detect objects behind the vehicle.

In fact, Consumer Reports shows how necessary this kind of technology is for eliminating blind spots. Perhaps this is why an annual auto insurance premium is only about $1,176, which is less than $100 per month.

Many consider the Dodge Caravan to be the one that started it all and the 2012 model continues to shine. The entire interior has high-strength construction made of steel and a safety cage to prevent injuries.

One of the top features is the Homelink device that allows the owner to link three devices to the vehicle. You can open your garage, control lighting in the home, and activate security gates right from the inside of the car.

Car insurance for the Caravan usually cost $1,260 for the year.

The 2012 Durango received excellent scores in rollover tests and crash tests. It is perhaps one of the most well-crafted SUVs because over 50 percent of the exterior consists of high-strength, durable steel.

The security system only allows proper vehicle operation with a specially encoded key, while the factory alarm deters break-in attempts. The average yearly car insurance cost for the Durango is about $1,605.

Popular Ford Car Models

In 2012, Ford designed five popular models including the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Mustang, and Taurus. The Fiesta retails for $13,200 and is the least expensive vehicle.

The Focus costs $16,200, the Fusion $21,700, the Mustang $22,200, the C-Max $25,200, and the Taurus has a price of $26,600.

The Fiesta gets exceptional mileage, with an average of 40 MPG during highway trips. It comes with seven airbags, a safety cage, ESC, and a system to monitor tire pressure. The average cost to insure the Fiesta is $1,266 per year.

You can find the Focus loaded with safety technology including parking assistance, advanced ESC, and anti-lock brakes. A full safety restraint system protects the driver and all passengers also.

The Focus is also in a hybrid model. It has the ability to detect the best conditions while driving to switch from traditional gas to electric power. Insurance for this hybrid model is much higher with an annual quote of around $1,400.

The Fusion is another hybrid from Ford and has some very interesting safety options, including a regenerative braking system that allows the driver to make precise stops in very short distances.

It also has a rear view camera, a device to detect pedestrians crossing through traffic and a mechanism to keep the vehicle in the proper lane. The Fusion will cost you around $1,428 yearly for car insurance.

The Ford Mustang is a true classic that has several sub-models, which can cause the retail and insurance rates to vary greatly. The basic model has driver and passenger airbags and a full color, rear view camera with peripheral assistance.

Even though the Mustang does not have super safety features, the cost of insurance is relatively low on the base model. You can see prices at around $1,432 per year.

Finally, the Taurus is the large, four-door sedan, which comes with a number of safety and security features, which is why the car insurance rates are so low. In fact, the Taurus has the lowest price of all the cars, averaging approximately $1,210 per year.

As for protection, the following options all come standard:

  • Curve control
  • All-wheel drive
  • Parking assistance
  • Front and side curtain airbags
  • Blind spot reduction technology
  • ESC

Another reason why the Taurus has such low annual car insurance rates is that it is not flashy. It is a sturdy and reliable vehicle, which does not call too much attention to itself.

SUVs from Ford

Ford makes three popular SUVs, the Escape, Explorer, and the Expedition. The Escape is the most affordable at a starting price of $22,470. The Explorer has a retail price of approximately $28,870.

The MSRP for the Expedition is $40,030. Ford made sure they placed great safety features in all three as well.

For example, the Escape has traffic crossing alerts and park assistance devices, which help reduce the instances of pedestrian accidents, tire and bumper damage.

It also has Roll Stability Control (RSC), curve control, and Advance Trac combined with traction control. In the past, SUVs received very low ratings in safety, due to the number of rollover accidents. Ford conquered this issue.

The Explorer has technology to control descents on hills, which also helps to keep rollovers to a minimum on tough terrain. It also has curve control, rear seat belts that inflate and brake support with collision warning detectors.

Lane assist helps keep the vehicle on the correct path and signals other drivers when departing from one to another.

The Expedition is a full-size SUV loaded with protection including six airbags and traction control. The crash alert technology allows the driver to avoid common obstacles in the road and the sway control keeps the chassis stable. It also has RSC. To keep the vehicle’s passengers safe, its interior comes complete with door beams.

The cost of automobile insurance for all three of these SUVs ranges from $1,196 for the Escape, $1,514 for the Explorer, and $1,399 for the Expedition.

While the Expedition is more expensive from a retail standpoint, it is clear to see that the Explorer has a higher overall insurance rate. This proves again that the sticker price of any vehicle does not always mean you will pay more for insurance.

Overall Results

When reviewing these automobiles and comparing their retail price and safety features, it seems as though the Dodge vehicles have lower annual rates than Ford vehicles. The only exceptions are the Charger and the Durango.

To be certain, you will need to factor your personal information into the equation. For obvious reasons, your rates may be higher or significantly lower, especially if you have a great driving record. On the other hand, it is always good to have an estimate.

Other Reasons for the Variance in Auto Insurance Rates

Now that you see how the retail price and auto insurance rates vary, you should know there are other deciding factors involved. Everyone knows that the driving history has a huge affect on the cost of car insurance. In addition, the geographical location plays a heavy role.

In reviewing the statistics on the Ford Explorer, it is very interesting to note that this vehicle has less comprehensive claims than the Dodge Durango.

This could be why the Explorer only costs $1,514 per year, but the Durango has a price of $1,605.

When you start looking at price points for SUVs by Ford and Dodge, you may want to do a little background check too. This will help you understand the difference.

Even if it is only $91 by approximation, car insurance companies make their own rates. You could see an actual difference of $150 to $200, very easily.

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