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Esurance Discounts: What discounts does Esurance offer?

Things To Remember

  • Esurance is a multi-line insurance company that partners with Allstate to offer insurance consumers online solutions.
  • You can save on your auto insurance premiums by taking advantage of the Esurance discounts that are offered by the insurer.
  • Esurance is known for offering claims-free, continuous coverage, defensive driver, and driver’s ed discounts.
  • Vehicle-specific discounts that are available include green vehicle, newer vehicle, alarm, and vehicle recovery discounts.

You’ve done some auto insurance comparison shopping and completed an Esurance auto insurance review. Now you’re left with one important question, what discounts does Esurance offer? 

One of the most effective ways to save money on your insurance premiums is to find the carrier that offers the biggest menu of discounts that you qualify for. Some companies have only a small list of discount offerings and others have an expansive one. Fortunately, the Esurance available discounts are plentiful. 

While the company does offer hassle-free insurance options, many consumers are more concerned with price over convenience. If you’re considering Esurance for your auto insurance, read through our comprehensive Esurance discount guide to learn about potential savings this online insurer offers. 

Because Esurance is a multi-line insurance company that believes in giving their consumers a seamless online experience, you can do everything from changing your insurance policy to filing a claim all online from your laptop or phone.

While looking at Esurance discounts, don’t forget to compare your findings to what other insurance providers offer by entering your five-digit ZIP code into our FREE online quote tool above. 

What Auto Insurance Discounts does Esurance Offer

Some insurers offer a very basic set of discounts, while others have gotten very inventive with their savings programs. Esurance is one of those companies with an expansive list of discounts for the right drivers. Some offers might appear to be company-specific but are actually state-specific. 

For example, an insurance carrier might advertise that they offer a good driver discount to all clients with clean records for the last three years. But in some states, like California, insurers are required by law to offer that discount to anyone who qualifies because it’s a state-specific discount.

You’ll receive state-specific discounts no matter what carrier you do business with. It’s the company-specific offerings that differentiate one insurer from the next.

In the table below, we list out every discount available through Esurance. Take a look. 

Esurance Auto Insurance Discount Options
Discount TypeDiscount Savings Available
Anti-lock Brakesyes - 5%
Anti-Theftyes - 25%
Claim Freeyes - 25%
Continuous Coverageyes
Daytime Running Lightsyes
Defensive Driveryes - 10%
Driver's Edyes
Driving Device/Appyes - 25%
Early Signingyes - 10%
Fast 5yes - 5%
Full Paymentyes - 10%
Further Educationyes - 15%
Good Studentyes - 10%
Green Vehicleyes
Low Mileageyes - 15%
Militaryyes - 25%
Multiple Policiesyes
Multiple Vehiclesyes
Newer Vehicleyes
Online Shopperyes - 11%
Paperless/Auto Billingyes
Passive Restraintyes - 33%
Renteryes - 30%
Roadside Assistanceyes - 5%
Safe Driveryes - 40%
Senior Driveryes
Students & Alumniyes - 15%
Switching Provideryes - 5%
Vehicle Recoveryyes - 25%
VIN Etchingyes

Compare RatesStart Now →

Take note of the discounts you believe you are eligible for and be sure to ask about all of them by name before purchasing an Esurance policy. Keep in mind that these discounts and the amount of potential savings vary by state. To verify that you live in a state where a discount is eligible, contact an Esurance agent. 

Fortunately, Esurance makes it easy to add policy discounts, contact an agent, and even update your policy profile all through a specialized mobile app. Learn more about managing your policy with Esurance Mobile in the video below.

As an Allstate affiliated company, Esurance is designed to be more technologically savvy. The user-friendly app was created so Esurance customers can do everything in regards to their auto insurance policies entirely online. 

In the next section, we’ll review the different types of Esurance discounts in more detail. Keep reading to learn more. 

Esurance Driver Discounts

Who is driving the car has the biggest impact on the overall auto insurance rates. If you’re a high-risk driver with a combination of tickets and accidents on your record, you’ll be stuck paying a small fortune even for insurance on a 10-year-old clunker. 

If you’re a low-risk, safe driver, you’ll receive lower average premiums and be eligible for a lot of extra savings. 

Here are some of Esurance’s driver-related discounts:

  • Defensive Driver: For drivers age 50 and older who complete an approved driver education course.
  • Driver’s Ed Discount: For drivers under 21 who complete a teen smart driving course.
  • Further Education Discount: For drivers with a 4-year degree or higher.
  • Esurance Good Student Discount: For current students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Homeowner discount: For drivers who own property.
  • Marriage Discount: For drivers who are married.
  • Military Discount: For active or retired military customers, only available in Louisiana.
  • Occupational Discount: For specific occupations where drivers are statistically in fewer accidents.
  • Senior Driver Discount: For older drivers.
  • Safe Driver Discount: For drivers who go without filing claims or receiving tickets, only available in California, Florida, and Washington

From your day job to your age to an Esurance student discount, there are a bunch of savings available for Esurance drivers. Don’t forget to take notes about the ones you believe you are eligible for so you can ask an Esurance agent to add the discount to your quote.  

Esurance Vehicle Discounts

The type of vehicle that you drive also dramatically affects your auto insurance rates. When you enter your VIN, it will be used in the process of risk classification. 

Cars that cost more to repair or that are stolen more frequently than others will cost more to insure. Fortunately, you can still qualify for discounts even if you have a high-risk car.

Esurance offers savings for vehicles with certain standard features. These features are typically installed in newer vehicles as accident deterrents. 

There are Esurance discounts available for having the following car features:

  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Anti-theft (passive or active alarms)
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Green Vehicle (for electric cars and hybrids)
  • Newer Vehicle
  • Passive Restraint
  • Vehicle Recovery (for LoJack and OnStar)
  • VIN Etching (only available in Louisiana, New York, and New Jersy)

When you’re filling out information about your car for an Esurance quote, make sure it’s as accurate as can be. Not only will this prevent you from receiving an inaccurate quote, but you’ll also know you’re getting every possible vehicle discount.

Esurance Usage Discounts

How often you drive your car can also impact your Esurance insurance premiums. How does annual mileage affect auto insurance rates? If you’re driving hundreds of miles a week, you’ll pay more than someone who’s only driving 40 miles.

The purpose of your drive can also affect your rates. If you commute to work during heavily-trafficked times of day, like rush hour, your insurance costs might be a little higher than someone who uses public transportation and only drive their car for pleasure.

Here are some usage-based discounts offered by Esurance:

  • Driving Device Discounts: For drivers who use an Esurance approved driving device, only available in Colorado, Montana, Ohio, and Utah.
  • Low Mileage Discount: For drivers who drive substantially less than average, only available in California.

Sometimes insurance companies do not publically advertise all of the available discounts that are offered. Be sure to ask an agent about any other Esurance usage discounts that you might qualify for.  

Esurance Insurance History Discounts

You must carry insurance from a provider that’s licensed in your specific state. Fortunately, Esurance is licensed in all 50 states for your convenience. 

When you’re comparing other premiums to your Esurance quote, give yourself credit if you have an established insurance history. In other words, prove how many years you’ve had auto insurance coverage through proper documentation. With a company like Esurance, this information can lead to another discount. 

Here are the insurance record discounts Esurance offers to potential customers:

  • Continuous Coverage Discount: for drivers who have had no lapses in their insurance coverage. 
  • Claim Free Discount: For drivers who have not filed any claims in the last three years.
  • Future Signing Discount: For drivers who choose an effective date of more than 24 hours in the future.

You are required by law in almost every state to carry a minimum level of insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, getting caught driving without insurance can lead to serious consequences, like fines of up to $5,000, losing your license, or even jail time. 

Luckily, through Esurance, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for always maintaining proper auto insurance coverage. 

Other Available Esurance Discounts

There are some miscellaneous discounts that Esurance offers that do not fall into a driver, vehicle, or insurance record category. 

Here are some additional ways that you can save with Esurance:

  • Multi-policy Discount: for drivers who have multiple lines of insurance through Esurance. 
  • Multi-vehicle Discount: for drivers who insure two or more cars with Esurance.
  • Online Shopper Discount: for drivers who shop online
  • AutoPay Discount: for drivers who set up auto-pay with Esurance.
  • Full Pay Discount: for drivers who pay for the entire policy upfront. 

Even though these discounts have little to do with you are a driver or the type of car you drive, they can still lead to some major savings. For example, bundling multiple kinds of insurance with Esurance can lead to upwards of 30 percent off of your annual rates. 

Why does Esurance offer discounts?

Insurance companies like Esurance calculate rates for potential customers by starting with a base rate per unit of insurance sold. This is the rate that the insurer uses before factoring in a person’s risk classification.

How a person drives, what car a person drives, where they drive, and information about their driving record will all play into the rate calculation process.

Then there are auto insurance discounts available, and the offerings vary both by the company and by state. Insurers offer their customers specific discounts for a few different reasons. The first is to keep their insurance products marketable to a certain target audience.

The next is to offer customers who are less of a risk a bigger incentive to do business with the company. Finally, discounts are also used as a way to reward customers for good behaviors, like safe driving or limiting paper waste.

How do Esurance Discounts Compare to other Providers?

Compared to other insurance providers, Esurance offers a lot of discounts, some common and some very unique. The best thing about insurance discounts is that they can be stacked. So if you qualify for three different savings, you’ll be able to combine them all. 

Some Esurance insurance discounts only take around 2 percent off of your total premium, but that number adds up quickly the more you qualify for. Other Esurance discounts can save you upwards of 30 percent. 

So if you qualify for the Esurance occupational discount for teachers, the Esurance employee discount, and the Esurance safe driving discount, then you could see some jaw-dropping savings. 

You are now an expert on all there is to know about Esurance discounts. If you want to do business with Esurance, there are plenty of different opportunities to save. The company is dedicated to offering intuitive tools for servicing your policy and you can even add discounts simply by logging into your account. 

Don’t wait to get more affordable auto insurance rates. See what other discounts are out there besides Esurance by entering your five-digit ZIP code into our FREE quote tool below.


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