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Disabled Veteran Auto Insurance Discounts [2020 Guide]

Things to remember...

  • Honorably discharged disabled veterans can qualify for a military discount
  • Military discounts can save veterans about 10% on auto insurance rates
  • USAA is one of the top providers for military members and veterans
  • National Guard active duty or veterans can also earn military discounts

Are there auto insurance discounts for disabled veterans? Auto insurance can be expensive, but the good news is that most providers offer disabled veteran auto insurance discounts. Our guide breaks down how to get veterans auto insurance discounts so that veterans can find cheap auto insurance.

Learn more by reading our comprehensive guide. To jump right into finding disabled veteran auto insurance quotes, enter your ZIP code into our free tool above.

Table of Contents

How to Get Auto Insurance Discounts for Disabled Veterans

Do veterans get a discount on auto insurance? Any disabled veteran who has been honorably discharged will qualify for a military discount. Are you also wondering can I get a disabled vet discount on top of a military discount? While there isn’t a specific discount for disabled veterans, any disabled veteran will be able to get a military or veteran discount.

How much of a discount can disabled vets get on auto insurance? This will depend on the insurer, but normally veterans can save about 10 percent on auto insurance. Take a look at the table below to see which insurers offer military discounts.

Military Auto Insurance Discounts Offered by Provider
CompaniesMilitary Discount
Esurance 25%
Safe Auto 25%
Geico 15%
MetLife 15%
Liberty Mutual 4%
Allstate X
Safeco X
State Farm X
The General X

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Insurers do not always advertise how much their discount saves, such as the Allstate military discount. Do all companies offer the same kind of disabled veteran discount? Keep in mind that these are military discounts, which don’t always apply to veterans.

The insurers that specifically advertise veterans discounts make for a smaller list. Take a look at the table below to see what auto insurance companies give veterans discounts.

Veteran Auto Insurance Discounts Offered by Provider
Companies with Retired Military DiscountAverage Percentage Saved
Geico 15%

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Geico is one of the few companies that offers a Geico veteran discount that saves veterans up to 15 percent. Even though not many insurers are on the above list, most military discounts will apply to veterans, so don’t be discouraged. Veterans can also find other auto insurance discounts to keep costs down.

This video goes over a few other discounts that may be available.

Keep in mind that not all auto insurance companies offer the same discounts. Shopping around is still the best way to find the best insurance that best fits your budget and needs.

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What information will I need for a disabled veteran discount?

To apply for a disabled veteran discount, you will need proof that you are a veteran. Insurers will give exact instructions on how to prove this, but generally, you will need a discharge certificate or another form of ID that shows you are a veteran.

As a disabled veteran, you may need to provide proof to the insurer that you are able to drive, such as a medical letter. Remember that insurers aren’t allowed to charge people with disabilities more, so you won’t have higher rates just because of your disability.

What is a disabled veteran in the eyes of auto insurance companies?

Any veteran with a proven medical disability will be a disabled veteran in the eyes of an insurance company. However, while insurers can’t discriminate against people with disabilities, sometimes a disability means a driver is higher-risk.

A driver with a vision impairment will be more at risk of crashing, which means an insurer may charge slightly more.

A disabled veteran with a poor driving record or a high-risk vehicle will also face higher rates. For example, a DUI may prevent a veteran from getting a significant discount, as higher rates will cancel out any discount earned.

Why? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an alcohol-impaired traffic fatality occurs every 50 minutes. Because of this risk, veterans with DUIs on their records will find it harder to get cheap rates.

How to Buy Auto Insurance as a Disabled Veteran

How do I choose the best insurance company as a disabled veteran? The best way to find the best insurance company is to shop around for auto insurance. This will allow veterans to find the coverages they need at a reasonable price. Read on to learn more about shopping for auto insurance as a disabled veteran.

Should I shop online or with an independent broker?

Should vets shop around for insurance? Shopping online is usually the better option, as it allows you to compare multiple quotes from different insurers and find what companies offer a disabled veteran discount.

When you shop with an independent broker, rates can sometimes be more expensive as the company pays brokers who bring customers into the companies. The broker finder fee results in a higher cost for the customer.

Should veterans go through USAA for insurance?

USAA is one of the top providers for military members and veterans. This doesn’t mean that it is a good fit for all veterans and military members. To see if USAA is a good choice for you, read our United Services Automobile Association auto insurance review.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Disabled Veteran Auto Insurance Discounts

Do you still have questions about disabled veterans and discounts? Read on to see what others are asking about finding cheap veterans’ auto insurance.

Does Progressive give a veteran’s discount?

Is there a Progressive military discount? Currently, Progressive does not offer military or veteran discounts.

Does Geico give veterans’ discounts?

Yes, Geico does have a Geico veteran discount that can save drivers up to 15 percent.

Do you have to carry auto insurance?

Yes. In the majority of states, all drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance. Not carrying auto insurance could result in fines, loss of license, loss of registration, and higher insurance rates.

Are there discounts on auto insurance for the National Guard?

Yes, National Guard active duty or veterans can earn military discounts. This applies to any auto insurance for any branch of the military, such as armed forces auto insurance or Navy Seals auto insurance. Keep in mind that if you are active duty, the military auto insurance laws are sometimes different, such as coverage when stationed overseas or in another state.

We hope our guide to veteran military discounts has given you a better idea of what to expect.

Wondering how can I easily compare rates? Enter your ZIP code in our free tool to get started on finding the best veteran auto insurance discounts and coverages.


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