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Wyoming Auto Insurance [Quotes + Definitive Coverage Guide]

Wyoming StatisticsDetails
Miles of Roadway102,018
Registered Vehicles789,124
Most Popular VehicleF150
Uninsured Motorist Rate7.80%
Total Driving Related Deaths in 2017123
Speeding Fatalities in 201737
DUI Fatalities in 201744
Average Full Coverage Premium$847.44
Cheapest ProviderSafeco Ins Co of IL
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Welcome to the wide-open spaces of Wyoming. In 1872, Yellowstone became the first National Park. Due to the parks, grasslands, and Air Force base, almost half of Wyoming is owned by the United States government, this explains why Wyoming is the tenth largest state, but least populated.

Wyoming’s beauty brings people from all across the nation, including celebrities, to visit and vacation. Jackson Hole is a well-known ski resort in the beautiful mountains of the state.

Wyoming is not only known for its beauty though. Wyoming was a huge impact on women’s’ rights. “Equal Rights” is the official motto for the state of Wyoming and one of its nicknames is Equality State.

In 1869, Wyoming was the first state that allowed women to vote. In 1925, the first female governor served when her husband passed away and Nellie Ross finished her late husband’s term.

If you call this gorgeous state home, you probably want to be out hitting the slopes or enjoying the beautiful view. Let us take care of doing the car insurance company research for you! It can be difficult navigating the insurance world, we will break it down for you and also provide online quotes.

Table of Contents

Wyoming Auto Insurance Coverage and Rates

First, let’s take a look at what is expected of registered car owners in Wyoming. What type of coverage to you need to hit the wide-open roads? Are there other coverages you should add to your policy? We will also dig into what areas have cheaper rates and who gets better rates and why.

Wyoming Minimum Coverage

Most states have some type of minimum requirement of liability insurance to drive on the roads. Chances are, if you have been in an accident, you are glad you or the other car have insurance. Wyoming is no different and they require a certain amount of liability coverage.

View as image

Although you should always look into higher limits, each registered vehicle must have state minimums for car insurance in Wyoming to drive legally on roadways.

Wyoming requires the following:

  • $25,000 liability coverage for bodily injury
  • $50,000 liability coverage for total bodily injury or death liability in an accident
  • $20,000 liability coverage for property damage per accident

Keep in mind, this is liability coverage for the accident you caused but it goes to the other party that is not at fault. You will need more extensive coverages will be discussed later to protect you and your vehicle.

While minimum coverage may be enticing due to the lower cost, remember your insurance carrier will only pay out what your policy limits are. If you hit a luxury vehicle or serious injury to another person and it is your fault, you could be held liable for the remaining bills that are not covered by your insurance.

Forms of Financial Responsibility

Lost your insurance card? It happens often. The state of Wyoming uses a program called Financial Responsibility Verification Program.

This program allows police offers to electronically check registered vehicles for insurance. So while you should still keep your card in your vehicle, it is good to know there is a system to show you carry insurance.

Failure to provide proof of insurance is considered a misdemeanor.

Premiums as a Percentage of Income

So how much of your paycheck is going to insurance? You can use this tool to get your exact percentage.


We have also made a chart to show the three-year trend of how much percent of income Wyoming drivers pay for insurance.

YearInsurance % of Income
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Neighboring states like Utah, Montana, and Idaho see percentages of over two percent.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates in WY (Liability, Collision, Comprehensive)

So we know we must have at least the minimum required liability limits to drive a vehicle on Wyoming roadways, but let’s take a look at some other core coverages that most drivers opt for when quoting out their auto insurance.

View as image

Both collision and comprehensive auto insurance coverage are coverages that can be added to your auto policy. These coverages will pay for your damages if you are in an accident and it is your fault. They also cover windshield breakage, car theft, and weather-related claims such as hail.

Typically if you have all three coverages on a policy, it is considered full coverage. Below is a table showing the breakdown of premium cost with these coverages.

CoverageAverage Cost, WyomingAverage Cost, Nationwide
Full Coverage$847.44$1,009.38
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As you can see, Wyoming is below the national average in most coverages.

Additional Liability Coverage

Medical payment coverage is another liability coverage you can add to your policy. Med Pay will pay for your medical payments regardless of fault.

Wyoming ranks low in uninsured motorists.

UninsuredState Rank
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Loss Ratio is the calculation of how much premium is earned and how much is paid out through claims. If you are with a company that has a high loss ratio, over 100 percent, the company is losing money. Too low of a percent, the company is not paying out claims.

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Above is a table showing the loss ratio on total liability. Wyoming falls near the countrywide average on loss ratio.

Add-ons, Endorsements, and Riders

Insurance companies have a vast list of coverages that can be added to your auto policy. They can range from GAP coverage that is used to cover a total loss to a car that is worth less than what you owe to a classic car you drive on occasion.

When you are discussing coverages with your insurance company, it is always a great idea to sit and give them a detailed idea of what you are looking for in your insurance policy. Let them know how and when you are using your car so they can best determine the coverages you need,

You can also familiarize yourself with certain coverages. Below is a list of commonly added endorsements and riders.

  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
  • Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP)
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
  • Non-Owner Auto Insurance
  • Modified Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Classic Auto Insurance
  • Pay-As-You-Drive or Usage-Based Insurance

Average Auto Insurance Rates by Age & Gender in WY

Ever wondered if being a young driver added to your premium? Well, if you have, the answer is yes. Most young insureds will have a much higher rate. This is due to lack of experience.

View as image

CompanyMarried 35-year old female Annual RateMarried 35-year old male Annual RateMarried 60-year old female Annual RateMarried 60-year old male Annual RateSingle 17-year old female Annual RateSingle 17-year old male Annual RateSingle 25-year old female Annual RateSingle 25-year old male Annual Rate
Allstate F&C$2,548.54$2,687.45$2,135.78$2,333.15$8,513.43$10,794.53$2,849.40$3,129.16
Mid-Century Ins Co$2,261.19$2,261.19$2,126.25$2,126.25$4,109.04$6,979.72$2,345.57$2,345.57
Geico General$2,689.63$2,743.19$2,602.22$2,602.22$4,875.40$6,318.07$2,988.60$3,153.08
Safeco Ins Co of IL$1,363.71$1,371.22$1,114.24$1,283.71$3,605.13$4,046.51$1,478.54$1,651.78
State Farm Mutual Auto$1,504.53$1,504.53$1,294.51$1,294.51$4,032.03$5,368.95$1,568.23$1,861.11
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As you can see, married and older drivers will have lower rates. Read on further to see what other factors go into getting your insurance rate.

Rates by ZIP Codes

Did you know your ZIP code can affect your rate? Here is a chart that you can use to see what the average cost of insurance may be in your ZIP code.

View as image

25 ZIP Codes With the Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates in Wyoming
CityZip codeAverage Annual RateAllstateMid-Century InsuranceGeicoSafecoState FarmUSAA
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK82842$2,921.32$4,220.65$3,017.90$3,591.27$1,952.50$2,296.14$2,794.87
LA BARGE82329$2,924.73$4,330.91$3,020.36$3,591.27$2,148.31$2,296.14$2,794.87
TETON VILLAGE82009$2,931.29$4,330.91$3,306.61$3,576.30$1,952.50$2,688.77$2,962.67
SAINT STEPHENS82633$2,953.92$4,293.14$3,017.90$3,591.27$2,007.75$2,296.14$2,794.87
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See if your ZIP code lands on the list above for the most affordable insurance rates in the state. If you can’t find it, look in the table below.

25 ZIP Codes With the Most Expensive Auto Insurance Rates in Wyoming
CityZip codeAverage Annual RateAllstateMid-Century InsuranceGeicoSafecoState FarmUSAA
MOUNTAIN VIEW82945$3,087.10$4,335.30$2,798.83$3,387.40$2,148.31$2,296.14$2,794.87
BIG PINEY82336$3,053.13$4,311.65$3,020.36$3,591.27$2,148.31$2,296.14$2,794.87
HAWK SPRINGS82938$3,052.11$4,333.82$3,020.36$3,591.27$1,847.42$2,296.14$2,711.75
FORT LARAMIE82701$3,043.46$4,468.10$3,020.36$3,591.27$1,847.42$2,296.14$2,711.75
JAY EM82710$3,043.46$4,468.10$3,020.36$3,591.27$1,847.42$2,296.14$2,711.75
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If you found your ZIP code in the table above, you’re looking at paying one of the highest insurance premiums in the state.

Rates by Cities

Not only does the ZIP code affect the rate, but the city does as well. Below we have taken a look at how much rates differ in the cities of Wyoming.

25 Wyoming Cities With the Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates
CityZip codeAverage Annual Rate
BIG HORN82833$2,896.66
SHIRLEY BASIN82334$2,920.50
ELK MOUNTAIN82832$2,921.32
MEDICINE BOW82329$2,924.73
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If you’re planning to move to Wyoming, you might want to avoid these cities, which have the most expensive rates in the state.

25 Wyoming Cities With the Most Expensive Auto Insurance Rates
CityZip codeAverage Annual Rate
TETON VILLAGE83025$3,136.29
ROCK SPRINGS82901$3,053.12
POINT OF ROCKS82942$3,053.12
MC KINNON82938$3,052.11
LANCE CREEK82222$3,043.46
DEVILS TOWER82714$3,043.46
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We have looked at a lot of information regarding the different coverages you can choose and which limits you are required to have along with the rates by demographics. Now, let’s move on to the best insurance companies in Wyoming.

Best State Auto Insurance Companies

Insurance isn’t the most fascinating topic to sit down and research. Sometimes it is hard to understand and know which company is right for you. We are going to do the hard work for you in this next section.

There are a lot of different companies you can go with when you are looking for auto insurance in Wyoming. So we are going to take a look at some of the biggest, the ones with the best customer service, and also look at their different rating factors.

One big component in picking an insurance company is, of course, their rate. How much is it going to cost you? We have taken a look at several companies and looked at what their rates would be for a younger driver, one that commutes, and more factors that go into obtaining an insurance rate.

So in the next section, we are going to breakdown a lot of information for you.

Let’s dive in.

The Largest Companies Financial Rating

Just like you need to be financially responsible on the road and carry insurance, you also want your insurance carrier to be financially responsible. When you have a claim, you want to know which companies have the financial backing to pay out for that claim.

Insurance CompanyAM Best Rating
State Farm GroupA++
Progressive GroupA+
Farmers Insurance GroupA
Mountain West Farm GroupB++
USAA GroupA++
Liberty Mutual GroupA
Allstate Insurance GroupA+
Nationwide Corp GroupA+
Hartford Fire & Casualty GroupA+
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This is a list of the ten largest companies written in Wyoming. As you can see, all companies listed are stable and have higher grades. They have become the largest by having strong financial stability.

Companies with Best Ratings

When shopping for insurance, you will usually go with the best deal. You look at the most coverage for the least amount of money. Once you have a claim or you have to deal with your insurance company often, you may look more at service than dollar signs.

Next, we are going to show you which companies have the most customer satisfaction according to JD Power.

J.D. Power 2018 Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking of Auto Insurance Companies – Northwest Region
CompaniesRankingJ.D. Power Circle Rating™
PEMCO Insurance8425
The Hartford8324
American Family8264
State Farm8173
Liberty Mutual8073
Northwest Region8133
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Companies With Most Complaints in Wyoming

If we show you the good, we also are going to show you the bad. Which companies have the most complaints?

This next table shows the top 10 writing insurers in Wyoming along with their complaint information. We will show their ratio and the total number of complaints.

Insurance CompanyComplaint Ratio
(National Average 1.0)
Total Complaints 2017
State Farm Group0.441482
Progressive Group0.75120
Farmers Insurance Group0.597
Mountain West Farm Group1.4710
USAA Group0.74296
Liberty Mutual Group5.95222
Allstate Insurance Group0.5163
Nationwide Corp Group0.2825
Hartford Fire & Casualty Group4.689
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While State Farm has a higher number of complaints, the complaint ratio is low due to the large size of the company, It is good to look at the ratio versus just the number of complaints especially for this reason.

Cheapest Companies in Wyoming

Here are how some of the Wyoming companies are measuring up against state averages.

View as image

CompanyAnnual AverageCompared to State AveragePercentage
Allstate F&C$4,373.93$1,371.8931.37%
Mid-Century Ins Co$3,069.35$67.302.19%
Geico General$3,496.55$494.5114.14%
Safeco Ins Co of IL$1,989.36-$1,012.69-50.91%
State Farm Mutual Auto$2,303.55-$698.49-30.32%
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Safeco Insurance and State Farm are definitely two of the cheapest options.

Commute Rates by Companies

Do you have to travel to work? How long is your commute? Let’s take a look at how insurers rate long commutes and if it makes your rate higher.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Commute in Wyoming
Companies10-mile commute.
6,000 annual mileage.
25-mile commute.
12,000 annual mileage.
Liberty Mutual$1,989.35$1,989.35
State Farm$2,222.40$2,384.70
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Most companies do not heavily surcharge for longer commutes. You can see some companies have a slightly higher rate, while some have no charge for the longer commuting miles.
Commute times don’t affect your rates too terribly when compared to some other factors.

View as image

Coverage Level Rates by Companies

We discussed earlier the ramifications of minimum coverage. If you get in an accident and cause serious damage to a vehicle or cause injuries to someone else, you could look at paying out of pocket once your insurance company exhausts your limits of coverage.

It is always good to look at higher coverages and examine the cost and value.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Coverage Level in Wyoming
GroupAnnual Rate with Low CoverageAnnual Rate with Medium CoverageAnnual Rate with High Coverage
Liberty Mutual$1,899.46$1,982.49$2,086.12
State Farm$2,229.01$2,304.26$2,377.38
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It is surprising how little you can pay with higher coverage. In some cases, you are looking at under $100 to go to the next coverage level. You can always get a quote to see the exact price increase for more coverage and you may end up getting a much higher coverage than you expect for a smaller premium.

Credit History Rates by Companies

Your credit will follow you in making large purchases, but it also follows you when getting an insurance rate. Insurance companies use credit history to ensure you will pay your premium and pay on time.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Credit History in Wyoming
CompaniesAnnual Rate with Good CreditAnnual Rate with Fair CreditAnnual Rate with Poor Credit
Liberty Mutual$1,752.67$1,956.81$2,258.58
State Farm$1,789.00$2,123.67$2,997.98
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Credit makes a difference in your premium. In some cases, your credit rating can cost you thousands a year. If you do have poor credit, it is a good idea to look at the table above and rate your insurance with carriers that still have lower premiums even with poor credit.

Driving Record Rates by Companies

How much will that speeding ticket cost you? Well, besides the fact of possible court fees or fines, your insurance may go up as well. Driving records can be a huge factor when rating your insurance.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rate by Driving Record in Wyoming
CompaniesClean recordWith one speeding violationWith one accidentWith one DUI
Liberty Mutual$1,427.24$1,980.39$2,184.19$2,365.60
State Farm$2,129.24$2,303.46$2,478.05$2,303.46
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A clean record is definitely going to get you the best rate, but out of all the traffic violations, a DUI charge will increase your rate the most. If you have a DUI on your record, some companies charge more than a thousand dollars than what they would if you had a clean record.

Largest Auto Insurance Companies in Wyoming

View as image

State Farm is the largest writing insurance company in Wyoming, with Progressive and Farmers Insurance trailing closely behind.

CompanyDirect Premium WrittenLoss RatioMarket Share
State Farm Group$94,39063.63%24.09%
Progressive Group$54,49858.45%13.91%
Farmers Insurance Group$47,27758.92%12.07%
Mountain West Farm Group$38,09376.48%9.72%
USAA Group$25,560108.79%6.52%
Liberty Mutual Group$25,23860.95%6.44%
Allstate Insurance Group$18,92664.59%4.83%
Nationwide Corp Group$12,39846.68%3.16%
Hartford Fire & Casualty Group$6,63851.79%1.69%
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Number of Insurers

You have many different insurance companies to pick from in Wyoming.

Insurer TypeNumber
Compare RatesStart Now →

When looking at domestic versus foreign, you are really looking at where the company’s headquarters are located. Foreign refers to the headquarters being out of the writing state. So Wyoming only has two companies with headquarters located in the state.

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Wyoming State Laws

In order to stay safe on Wyoming roadways, you need to be informed regarding state laws. It can be confusing to remember some, especially if you are traveling out of state or you recently moved to a new state.

We are going to touch on a few important laws regarding roadways and registration laws.

Auto Insurance Laws

State laws are determined by elected officials. You can find Wyoming state law here. We are going to break down a few state laws below.

Windshield Coverage

There are no specific laws regarding full glass coverage in Wyoming. Depending on your Wyoming windsheid insurance carrier, you may have coverage for repair.

High-Risk Insurance

If you have a lengthy record of traffic violations, you may be considered a high-risk driver. Most states require an SR-22 filing for high-risk drivers. SR-22 is a filing with DMV proving you have minimum liability coverage required by the state. SR-22 is a filing the Department of Motor Vehicles requires.

You can get this through certain insurance companies. Once you obtain an SR-22, the insurance company can then file with the state department that you do have proper insurance.

Low-Cost Insurance

Wyoming has implemented the Wyoming Automobile Insurance Plan. This plan helps individuals obtain insurance when going through voluntary markets may not be possible.

Automobile Insurance Fraud in Wyoming

Wyoming considered insurance fraud a criminal offense. Insurance companies estimate about ten percent of losses are due to fraud.

Auto insurance fraud can be misrepresenting information on an application to filing a claim with fraudulent information. There are two types of fraud. They are hard fraud and soft fraud.

Soft fraud is when an insured pads the information or maybe doesn’t give all the information on an application or claim form. Hard fraud is when someone deliberately fabricates an accident or claim to gain from misleading an insurance company.

Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file a claim once it has occurred. In Wyoming, you have four years to file a property or bodily injury claim. After the four years are over, a judge will no longer hear your case. It is always best to file your claim as soon as it happens to avoid any headache.

Wyoming Specific Laws

Ever walked through a gate and didn’t shut it? Well, it’s a misdemeanor, along with a $750 fine, in Wyoming. Most other laws in Wyoming are pretty standard.

Vehicle Licensing Laws

Real ID is a bill passed in 2005. This bill sets standards for state-issued identification, like driver’s licenses. Wyoming is compliant with these laws; therefore, you can use your government-issued driver’s license as identification to fly on a commercial airplane.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

As mentioned earlier, Wyoming has an online-verification-of-insurance system. Driving without insurance is a misdemeanor and can carry fines and imprisonment. Fines can range from $500-$1500 and/or up-to six months in jail. Not to mention, if you were to get in an accident without insurance you would have massive bills for you and whoever you hit.

If a driver is found guilty of a second or subsequent offense, the driver must turn in their registration and plates to the county treasurer’s office for which the citation was made. Once insurance has been obtained, the driver can then go back and retrieve registration and plates.

Teen Driver Laws

Teen drivers can be a worry for parents. But not to worry, Wyoming sets so restrictions for young drivers.

Nighttime restrictions11 p.m.-5 a.m.
Passenger restrictionsno more than 1 passenger younger than 18
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Wyoming also has phases for licensing teen drivers. At the age of fifteen, teens can apply for a learner’s permit. Teen and parent must go to the local exam office and provide proof of identity and age, usually with a birth certificate. The teen driver must pass a written test and vision test to receive a permit.

Once a teen receives their permit, they may only drive with a licensed driver, eighteen or older, to supervise from the front seat. Teens must have at least fifty hours of dring with a parent or guardian. Ten of those hours must be at night. Once the hours have been completed, the teen driver can receive their intermediate permit.

Once a teen driver turns sixteen and had their permit for at least ten days and completed their hours of practice mentioned above, they can now apply for their intermediate permit. In order to get this permit, they must also pass a driving test and complete a vision test.

If a teen has an intermediate permit, they are allowed to drive alone. If a teen has their intermediate license for at least six months and taken a driver education course, they can then apply for an unrestricted license. If no certified driver education course is taken, the teen driver must wait until they are 17.

Wyoming offers the Parents Supervised Driving Program. This is program is a great tool to help parents teach young drivers to be responsible, safe drivers. The program not only includes a manual but also an app that parents can download on their phone and keep track of supervised hours of driving.

Older Driver License Renewal Procedures

Wyoming does not make different renewal procedures for older drivers. Below we will go look at how all drivers in Wyoming renew their driver’s license.

New Residents

If you are new to Wyoming, you have one year from the time you establish residency in Wyoming to get your driver’s license. Obtaining your first license will need to be done in person at a local driver exam station to surrender your current out-of-state license and to receive a vision test.

You have thirty days to register your vehicle in Wyoming. You will need to show ownership with a copy of your title and also show proof of insurance to obtain registration. You will also need to have your vehicle inspected by the Sheriff’s office. The cost of this inspection is ten dollars.

License Renewal Procedures

Renewing your license in Wyoming is fairly easy. You must renew your license every five years in Wyoming. Every other renewal must be done in person along with a vision test. At any renewal, if you let your current license expire, you will need to appear in a local office to reinstate your license.

Rules of the Road

Once you have your vehicle registered, insured, and ready to drive on Wyoming roadways, it’s good to know the rules of the road. Some rules are basic, but some may vary from state to state.

We will look at Wyoming’s seat belt laws, speed limits, and more.

Fault vs. No-Fault

Wyoming is an at-fault state. This means the person at fault of the accident is the one responsible for paying. They are the ones to file the claim on their insurance and pay for damages, whether it be bodily or property.

Seat Belt and Car Seat Laws

Seat belt and car seat laws are common in most states, some states differ slightly in age and enforcement. Anyone 9 years old and older, in front or back, is to use a seat belt. Children 8 years old and younger must be in a child seat and in the rear, if possible.

There is no state law regarding the riders in a cargo area of a truck.

Keep Right and Move Over Laws

In Wyoming, keep right if moving slower than the traffic around you.

Move over laws have been broadened to include not only emergency vehicles but also maintenance and construction workers. Anytime an emergency vehicle or Wyoming Department of Transportation worker is on a road with more than two lanes, traffic is to move to the furthermost lane possible.

Speed Limits

We will take a look at the importance of following the speed limits below with speed-related fatality statistics in the next section. Speed limits will vary throughout the state and will be posted on roadways, but it is good to familiarize yourself with speed limits set for the state.

Below is a chart of speed limits in Wyoming.

Rural InterstateUrban InterstateOther Limited Access RoadsOther Roads
75; 80 on specified segments of road75; 80 on specified segments of road7070
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Ridesharing has become increasingly popular these days. With companies, like Uber and Lyft, it makes getting from place to the next a breeze.

In 2007, ridesharing was legally authorized in Wyoming. Uber has insurance to cover drivers while operating as an Uber driver. It is always wise to contact your insurance carrier to make sure you have no gaps in coverage if you are ridesharing with your vehicle.

Automation on the Road

Automation is now becoming a reality. Cars are able to park and now drive with no active driver. As cars are starting to drive themselves are more common on the roads, laws are being made about automated cars on roadways. Wyoming has not made any regulations regarding automation as of yet.

Safety Laws

Safety laws are in place to keep all parties safe on the road. The biggest factors in safety are usually alcohol consumption and phone use while driving. Take a look at Wyoming laws regarding those two topics.

DUI Laws

Driving under the influence of alcohol is taken very seriously in Wyoming, like most states. As discussed earlier, insurance rates will drastically go up, but that is not the only price you pay if found driving under the influence.

If you are convicted more than once of a DUI, you can have substantial fines and jail time. Fines range from $750 to $3000. Jail time can be up to six months.

Wyoming also uses an ignition interlock device. This device is connected to your vehicle’s ignition. Your vehicle will not start until someone blows alcohol free breath. If you have been convicted of a DUI four times in Wyoming, you will have the ignition interlock device for life.

Distracted Driving Laws

Cell phones are very common and most people have them in their possession at all times. Phones are becoming a huge distraction to drivers of all ages.

Wyoming currently does not have a hand-held ban, but they do have a texting ban on all drivers.

This is a primary offense which means a police officer can pull you over solely for seeing a driver have their phone in their hand while behind the wheel. If convicted, maximum fines can reach $75 and is considered a misdemeanor. A charge of reckless or careless driving can also be charged depending on the circumstance and severity of the situation.

Remember to keep your phone out of reach and focus on the road to keep you and others on the road safe.

Road Dangers in Wyoming

We have looked at state laws and insurance coverage. Now, we are going to look at road dangers in Wyoming. Some road dangers we will take a look at will be vehicle theft, road fatalities, and traffic.

Vehicle Theft in Wyoming

VehicleYear of VehicleYearThefts
Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)2007200732
Ford Pickup (Full Size)2000200029
Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2004200413
GMC Pickup (Full Size)2007200710
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2000200010
Dodge Durango200220029
Toyota Camry199719979
GMC Yukon200220028
Honda Accord199719978
Chevrolet Cavalier200320036
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Trucks are widely owned in Wyoming so it is no surprise trucks are the choice of stolen vehicles. Chevrolet pickups are the trucks stolen the most. Thirty-two Chevrolet pickups were stolen and out of those, 2007 was the most popular year stolen.

Below is a table of vehicle theft by the city. If you are located in a city with high auto theft, remember to lock your car doors and try to park in a visible, well-lit area if possible.

Top 10 Wyoming Cities for Vehicle Theft
CityVehicle Theft
Rock Springs28
Green River8
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Casper and Cheyenne are both counties that have a higher rate of car theft than other counties in Wyoming.

Road Fatalities

Unfortunately, road fatalities occur. The next few graphics and tables are going to show the breakdown of when, why, and where fatalities happen. Knowing the data and statistics may prevent further fatalities on the road.

Fatal Crashes by Weather Condition and Light Condition

Weather ConditionDaylightDark, but LightedDarkDawn or DuskOther / Unknown
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Some people tend to think fatal accidents happen in poor driving conditions. As you can see, surprisingly, most fatal crashes happen in normal, daylight hours. It is important during any weather conditions or time of day to be alert while driving because an accident can happen at any time.

Fatalities (All Crashes) by County

We also took a look at fatalities in the counties in which they occur.

Big Horn78515
Hot Springs12311
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Traffic Fatalities

Now, let’s look at the breakdown of fatalities by urban areas and rural areas.

Region Type2008200920102011201220132014201520162017
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Far more accidents occur in rural areas.

Fatalities by Person Type

Person Type20132014201520162017
Passenger Car2436371836
Light Truck - Pickup2340372028
Light Truck - Utility1528332621
Light Truck - Van414083
Large Truck75777
Other/Unknown Occupants11235
Total Occupants7412411682100
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Pick up trucks are widely used in Wyoming. This chart shows that occupants of pickups and passenger vehicles are involved more than other occupants in fatal car crashes.

Fatalities by Crash Type

This next chart shows the type of crash mostly involved in fatal accidents. Roadway departures, single vehicles and accidents involving rollovers carry higher fatalities than other crash types. This information can help others knowing that roadway departure, especially, is a higher risk and drivers should be vigilant when exiting roads.

Crash Type20132014201520162017
Total Fatalities (All Crashes)*87150145112123
Single Vehicle5391936974
Involving a Large Truck2534282117
Involving Speeding4048462837
Involving a Rollover4978785560
Involving a Roadway Departure671041097883
Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related)913141115
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Five-Year Trend For The Top 10 Counties

Let’s take a look at the top 10 counties in Wyoming and their five-year trend for fatal crashes.

Natrona County121319618
Fremont County412171316
Carbon County5107712
Sweetwater County213111012
Laramie County1021131511
Albany County107886
Park County13856
Big Horn County78515
Campbell County316925
Lincoln County43555
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Fatalities Involving Speeding by County

Speeding is often a factor in auto fatalities. Take a look at where your county is on the list of fatalities involving speeding.

Big Horn05201
Hot Springs00000
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Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver by County

We discussed earlier the DUI laws, but unfortunately, drivers still get behind the wheel and think they cognitive enough to drive. Sadly, this thinking causes serious accidents and fatalities on the road. Below is a chart showing the breakdown by county of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities.

Big Horn05311
Hot Springs10101
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Driving under the influence doesn’t mean just adults over the age of twenty-one. Regrettably, minors drive intoxicated as well.

Teen Drinking and Driving

It is against the law for any minor to do the following:

  • Purchase alcohol
  • Ask or solicit an adult for alcohol
  • Posses any alcoholic beverage
  • Have any measurable blood alcohol content

Any possession of alcohol can impose a loss of license. Sadly in 2009, underage drinking was attributed to an estimate of thirteen traffic fatalities.

EMS Response Time

If you are ever in an accident, you want to know that emergency medical services can get you to a nearby hospital as soon as possible. Good news for Wyoming drivers, rural areas can get to a hospital in a little over an hour and urban areas are a little over half an hour.

Region TypeTime of Crash to EMS NotificationEMS Notification to EMS ArrivalEMS Arrival to Arrival at HospitalTime of Crash to Hospital ArrivalTotal Fatal Crashes
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How many cars does the average Wyoming resident own? How long is the daily commute of Wyoming drivers? We are going to answer those questions along with more in the next section.

Car Ownership

Like most families in the United States, Wyoming drivers own two vehicles. Not far behind are families owning three vehicles. The percentage of families owning three vehicles is higher than most families across the United States.

Commuter Transportation

The vast majority of Wyoming residents travel alone to work. While carpooling is much lower than driving alone, Wyoming still carpools more than most drivers across the country.

Commute Time and Traffic Congestion

Earlier we discussed how Wyoming drivers rack up more miles than most on roadways, but surprisingly Wyoming residents have one of the shortest commute times.

The average travel time for a Wyoming resident is under 20 minutes. Due to the increase in population in Wyoming, vehicle travel has increased 21 percent. So while Wyoming isn’t heavily populated and commuting time is considered relatively short, it is smart to check your work commute to ensure on-time arrival.

We have covered a lot of information regarding the great state of Wyoming. We hope that you have learned a lot and that you now feel comfortable to take your car on the open road of Wyoming with the best coverage available to you! Don’t forget, you can get that coverage right here with a quote.


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