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Are auto insurance company reviews helpful?

Things to Remember...

  • It is always a good idea to review your auto insurance to see if there is a better deal out there
  • Insurance brokers can give you comparison quotes along with information about discounts and ways to lower your rates
  • Insurance comparison websites often have articles and FAQs relating to auto insurance that you can research
  • Your credit rates, number of claims, tickets, and citations, and even company changes are all changeable factors that you will have to consider

Auto insurance is rarely an inexpensive prospect.

Even if you have been with your car insurance company for a while, it is a good idea to review your premium rates to find out if you can get a better price with another insurance company.

Auto insurance rate comparisons are something you should do periodically, particularly when you have changes that warrant adjustments to your policy coverage.

If you’re wondering how and where to go to find auto insurance company reviews, we’ve got a few suggestions. Keep in mind as well before shopping around that there are factors that will affect your car insurance rates.

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Table of Contents

Independent Insurance Brokers

Independent insurance brokers usually represent many different auto insurance companies. If you already work with a broker, you can call them up or stop by their office and ask them to run some policy rate comparison quotes for you to review.

They may also have suggestions on ways to lower your rates or ideas about discounts for which you may qualify.

You may ask, “where can I get online auto insurance coverage?” Independent brokers also often can help you understand your insurance needs more thoroughly, allowing you to choose only the online auto insurance coverage you need.

Insurance Comparison Websites

Another source of information for auto insurance rate quotes is insurance comparison websites. Comparison websites often contract with multiple insurance agents and companies who are interested in providing quotes to potential customers.

Insurance comparison websites can also provide you with additional helpful information; they often have articles about topics and common questions related to auto insurance.

They may also provide information regarding car insurance requirements in your state.

Additionally, many comparison websites also have reviews of insurance companies available, including reviews and comments from consumers about their experiences.

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Insurance Company Websites

You can also get car insurance rate quotes directly from an insurance company. Most insurance companies now have corporate websites that provide general information about their company.

You can find out about other products and services the insurance company offers. Additionally, you can learn about contact information, including local agents.

You can request an online auto insurance rate quote, or you can request a quote over the telephone or from a local agent or representative.

It is a good idea to review your auto insurance coverage and rates when your policy comes up for renewal, especially if you see a dramatic increase in your rates.

Premium rates can change due to several factors, such as:

Credit Rate

If your credit rate undergoes changes during the term of your policy, you may see a difference in your auto insurance rates. Most national insurance companies use credit rates as part of how they determine insurance coverage rates.

If your credit rate is low, you may pay a higher auto insurance premium.


Most car insurance companies will raise your rates if you have filed multiple claims or if you had an accident in which you were considered at fault.

Insurance companies base rates on the risk of providing insurance for a policy holder.

If you file claims, your risk level increases, which raises your rates accordingly.

Tickets and Citations

If you receive a ticket or citation, it will stay on your driving record for five years. Consequently, insurance companies will view you as a high-risk driver and your rates will be higher.

When your ticket drops off of your driving record, your auto insurance rates should also drop.

But until then, one way to address this issue over the long run is to purchase six-month policies. With a six-month policy, you shorten the length of time you may be paying a higher premium due to a poor driving record.

Insurance Company Changes

When an insurance company is hit with multiple claims due to an emergency, they often will raise their rates. Insurance companies also raise their rates periodically as part of their corporate business policy.

When you know that there has been a large number of claims due to a catastrophic event, such as a tornado or hurricane, you can also expect that your rates will likely increase.

When you review auto insurance rate quotes, it is a good idea to look at quotes from at least three different companies. Compare the same type of insurance, same level of insurance, and same deductible amount for an accurate comparison.

Additionally, also take into consideration additional services that may be available, such as roadside assistance or travel concierge services.

Also, do some research about each insurance company, such as reviewing Consumer Reports or JD Powers and Associates evaluations regarding customer service and claims processing.

Auto insurance is mandatory in 47 states, which means that it is a fact of life if you own and drive a car. However, it is important to periodically review your car insurance coverage to make sure you are getting the best rates possible and the best coverage possible.

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