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How to Cancel SafeAuto Insurance

Things to Remember

  • You can cancel SafeAuto insurance whenever you need to.
  • Canceling your auto insurance before it expires could result in a fine.
  • Be sure to have another insurance policy ready to go after you cancel with SafeAuto.
  • Before you cancel, compare, and shop around to find affordable SafeAuto insurance rates.

If your SafeAuto is about to expire, you’ll need to know how to cancel SafeAuto insurance. What if SafeAuto is too expensive and needs to cancel right away?

Our guide will take you through the steps to cancel your car insurance policy at SafeAuto and secure cheap auto insurance from another company.

It’s essential to have an auto insurance policy ready to go into when you cancel.

As you learn how to cancel car insurance SafeAuto insurance, try comparing multiple companies by entering your ZIP code in the FREE comparison tool above.

Table of Contents

How to Cancel SafeAuto insurance

You can cancel SafeAuto car insurance by calling SafeAuto and letting them know you want to cancel your car insurance policy. SafeAuto cancels a policy by phone. Call SafeAuto’s customer service number at 1-800-732-3288 to cancel your car insurance policy.

Can you cancel a SafeAuto insurance policy at any time?

As a customer, you can cancel your SafeAuto car insurance at any time you want. Various circumstances may cause you to cancel during the policy. You should cancel your SafeAuto insurance policy if you’re paying too much for auto insurance.

SafeAuto car insurance representatives will ask you what date you want to cancel.

Canceling on a specific date prevents coverage from stopping immediately. Also, it gives you enough time to enroll in another auto insurance policy if you haven’t found one yet.

SafeAuto may require additional information as you’re canceling. So you may need SafeAuto’s fax number for cancellation. SafeAuto cancellation fax method may not be necessary. Any SafeAuto insurance cancellation forms could be sent by email.

The SafeAuto insurance cancellation fax number is 614-559-5438. The SafeAuto fax number is also the SafeAuto insurance fax number for claims.

Is there a SafeAuto insurance cancellation fee?

SafeAuto insurance cancellation can get complicated if you’re canceling before the auto insurance policy expires. SafeAuto insurance cancellation policy is similar to most companies. Canceling your car insurance before it expires could result in a cancellation fee.

Car insurance companies often issue a cancellation fee for canceling in the middle of your policy. It can be a flat fee or a short-rate fee.

According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), a short-rate fee is a percentage of your auto insurance policy.

SafeAuto Refund Policy After Cancellation

Did you know you could receive a refund when you cancel your SafeAuto car insurance policy? SafeAuto customers who pay for their auto insurance in full will receive a refund after they cancel. However, they may not receive the full balance they paid.

Why? SafeAuto will refund you based on the number of months you used its car insurance and the cancellation fee.

Therefore, canceling a car insurance two months into your policy will deduct two months’ worth from what you plus the cancellation. Examine this data to get a better idea of how refunds are returned.

SafeAuto Average Insurance Rates
SafeAuto Insurance SummarySafeAuto Average Insurance Costs
Average Annual SafeAuto Insurance Rates$2,764
Average Six-Month SafeAuto Insurance Rate$1,382
Average Monthly SafeAuto Insurance Rate$230
Cancellation Fee (Flat Rate)$50
Short-Rate Cancellation Fee$276

Compare RatesStart Now →

With an annual rate of $2,764, you could receive a full refund if you cancel right away after making a deposit. If you wait two months to cancel, SafeAuto will refund $2,304.

When you have a cancellation fee, you will subtract $50 or $276 from your refund. The same process applies to six-month policies.

SafeAuto insurance Cancellation Due to Nonpayment

It’s not wise to neglect your auto insurance payment as a method to cancel auto insurance. Most car insurance companies will deny your purchase because you have an unpaid bill with your previous car insurance provider.

If you’re late on your payments, ask SafeAuto for a payment extension. SafeAuto’s grace period can be 7-10 business days from the due date. If you need a SafeAuto payment extension, make that request as soon as possible, so it doesn’t negatively affect your insurance record.

Getting Another Auto Insurance Policy Before Canceling SafeAuto

Before you cancel with SafeAuto, start shopping for another car insurance policy. Any gap in auto insurance will increase your risk and raise prices whenever you sign up for another policy.

It may also be a good idea to review the terms and conditions of your SafeAuto car insurance policy. Let’s examine some important things you need to know before moving forward with cancellation.

Learn about the New Auto Insurance Company

Do your research on the new company. Make sure they have auto insurance rates you can afford. Don’t rush into buying a policy, even if you’ve got a car insurance quote. Remember, you’re not obligated to move forward. You want to compare prices as you shop around.

Compare SafeAuto Insurance Products and Services to the Biggest Competitors

As you think of moving onto another auto insurance company, compare the products and services you’re getting. The last thing you need is to move to another company that has higher prices and less coverage.

Liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage should always be accessible. Any vehicle that you’re still making payments on should carry full coverage.

Watch this video to learn more about full coverage.

If you need a little more than the standard car insurance coverage, start comparing the different insurance programs such as rental reimbursement, roadside assistance, etc.

In addition to services, check for an auto insurance company’s liability coverage limits and warranties. Some companies may not provide higher coverage levels.

Can you manage your auto insurance policy through a website or mobile app?

Managing your policy online has become essential for many customers. Online and smartphone management has become a strength for bigger companies and a weakness for other car insurance companies that haven’t invested in a website or mobile app.

How to Cancel SafeAuto Insurance: The Bottom Line

When you need to cancel your SafeAuto car insurance policy, call SafeAuto’s customer service number and speak to a representative. Just explain that you want to cancel your policy. They’ll take through discounts to try to lower your premiums.

If you think it’s time to move on, you’ll have to answer more questions about the auto insurance company you’re going to and the date you want to cancel. Just be sure to compare the best companies before you make a final decision.

Since you know how to cancel SafeAuto insurance, enter your ZIP code in the FREE online tool below to compare auto insurance companies in your local area.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Cancel SafeAuto Insurance

Let’s answer a few questions that many people ask about SafeAuto car insurance.

#1 – What do people love the most about SafeAuto Insurance?

SafeAuto car insurance is known and loved for its affordable rates in some states.

#2 – Who should consider using SafeAuto Insurance?

Drivers between the ages of 30-64 should consider purchasing a SafeAuto car insurance policy. Cheap auto insurance rates are favorable for that age group regardless of gender.

#3 – What do people hate about SafeAuto Insurance?

There are a few customers who have complained about SafeAuto’s service. SafeAuto has received several negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Also, SafeAuto may not be favorable to young drivers.


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