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How to Cancel AAA Auto Insurance

Things to Remember

  • AAA Auto Insurance can be canceled by phone or in person.
  • Canceling your policy may result in fees, depending on where you live.
  • You can cancel your insurance without canceling your AAA membership.

If you are wondering how to cancel AAA auto insurance, look no further. Cancelling AAA auto insurance can be as easy as contacting your agent and letting them know you’d like to cancel; however, there are several pieces of information you’ll want to have on hand.

Additionally, there are many things you should consider before canceling your policy.

AAA insurance can be canceled at any time, though it may be subject to cancellation fees in some regions. Currently, AAA policies cannot be canceled online.

There are many reasons you might want to cancel your policy. You may be looking for better rates or have found a better policy with another company. Cheap auto insurance rates are important, but so is making sure all your needs are covered.

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Table of Contents

How to Cancel Your AAA Auto Insurance Policy

Since AAA is a large company, they have a large network of agents that can easily help you cancel your policy. AAA’s customer service can be reached at 1-877-387-8378. Just contact them and let them know you want to cancel your policy. An agent will walk you through the necessary steps.

Another easy way to cancel your policy is by contacting your local agent. You can cancel by phone or visiting them in-person. As mentioned above, AAA auto insurance policies cannot be canceled via their website. If you need to speak with them about something else, though, the AAA email can be found on their website.

No matter which method you are using to cancel your policy, it is important to determine exactly the date you want your policy to end. Make sure there are no gaps between when your old policy ends and the new one begins.

Information Needed to Cancel Your Policy

Most insurance companies require several pieces of information to cancel your policy. You will need to provide your name and address, but it is also important to have your policy number on hand to expedite the process.

If you don’t have your policy number, chances are your agent or AAA customer service representative can help you locate it. Additionally, be sure to have your driver’s license on hand.

Are you sure you want to cancel?

If you are considering canceling your policy because your current policy no longer covers your needs, you may want to check with your agent about their other policies. If you find a different policy from AAA that works better for you, staying with them could be easier.

Additionally, if you are moving to another city and state, you may find AAA will cover that area as well. You’d just have to contact your agent about changing your address instead of trying to find a new auto insurance company.

AAA is offered all over the country. There is an AAA Michigan, AAA Texas, and more. If you are sure about canceling your AAA auto insurance policy, then read the section below.

Do I keep my AAA membership after canceling my policy?

AAA membership comes with a multitude of benefits that many may not want to get rid of, including towing services, 24/7 roadside assistance, fuel delivery, and more. Examples of AAA membership levels can be seen in the chart below.

AAA Membership Level Benefits
AAA DetailsAAA Classic MembershipAAA Plus MembershipAAA Premier Membership
Average Annual Rates$38-$74$60-$124$77-$164
TowsUp to 4 a year (up to 5 miles for each tow)Up to 4 a year (up to 100 miles for each tow)Up to 4 a year (up to 200 miles for 1 two; up to 100 miles for other 3 tows)
ReimbursementUp to $50 for vehicle lockoutUp to $100 for vehicle lockoutUp to $150 for vehicle lockout
Fuel DeliveryHave to pay for fuelFuel is freeFuel is free
Flat Tire ServiceYesYesYes
Battery ServiceYesYesYes

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This video goes over what you may get with a AAA membership.

However, a AAA membership is seperate from your AAA insurance policy, so you won’t have to worry about losing your AAA membership benefits just because you canceled your insurance policy.

If you do want to cancel your membership, you may be subject to a AAA membership cancellation policy refund. Also, membership cancellation policies might differ based on where you live. For example, to cancel AAA membership in Michigan may differ from how to cancel AAA membership in California.

Finding information on your AAA membership online can be easy. Just log in into your AAA account by using your AAA login.

Does AAA have cancellation fees?

Can I cancel my car insurance without penalty? As mentioned in the introduction, policy cancellation is subject to fees in some cases. This can depend on the region you live and the type of policy you have with AAA.

If you are looking to cancel AAA insurance in California you likely won’t have to pay a fee.

Be sure to ask about any cancellation fees before starting a policy with AAA or any other insurance company.

Does AAA offer refunds?

AAA may offer you a refund after you’ve canceled your insurance policy if you have already paid off your annual premium. They will usually refund the amount that hasn’t been used for the year.

Again, refunds are something that should be asked about before starting your policy. You don’t want to end up paying for the whole year, then losing out on money if you decide to cancel.

Compare Other Auto Insurance Options

If you have decided to cancel your AAA auto insurance policy, you will want to find an alternative. There are many auto insurance companies out there offering low rates and great policies, though it is important to do your own research.

It is also important to consider your needs and why you were unsatisfied with AAA. A company may offer low rates, but might not cover everything you need. Additionally, it is important to consider all the factors that affect car insurance rates.

Even if rates seem expensive, most companies offer a number of discounts that can make your policy much more affordable. Discounts offered by many companies include Drivers Ed discounts, Good Credit Record discounts, Good Driver discounts, and more.

If you are canceling your AAA policy because you plan on moving to a different state, you should consider your new home’s minimum auto insurance requirements before deciding on a new company.

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