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How to Cancel Nationwide Auto Insurance

Things to Remember

  • Nationwide auto insurance is in 32 states and the District of Columbia.
  • You can cancel your auto insurance in person or over the phone.
  • Stopping payments to Nationwide to force cancellation is not a proper way to cancel your policy.
  • Nationwide has the right to modify the terms and conditions of a policy at any time.

If you want to switch auto insurance from Nationwide, you’ll need to know how to cancel Nationwide auto insurance. Don’t worry — we’re to help you with the steps you need to take to cancel your Nationwide car insurance policy.

The great thing about canceling with Nationwide is you won’t need to sign a Nationwide Insurance cancellation form online. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about canceling Nationwide auto insurance and switching to another company.

Haven’t decided which company to choose? Before you learn how to cancel Nationwide auto insurance, enter your ZIP code in the FREE comparison tool above to find affordable auto insurance companies in your area.

Table of Contents

How to Cancel Nationwide Auto Insurance

Canceling Nationwide car insurance is simple. All you have to do is call Nationwide customer service number and tell them you want to cancel. If you prefer to see an agent in person, go to the local Nationwide agent’s office and cancel there.

Nationwide representatives will need your information. Any billing statement or insurance card with a policy number will make the cancel process go faster.

Continue reading the sections to go in-depth on how to cancel your auto insurance policy from Nationwide and what you can expect during the cancellation process.

How do I cancel Nationwide insurance?

You need a fancy Nationwide Insurance cancellation form to end your policy. Call Nationwide customer service phone number at 1-877-669-6877 and let them know you want to cancel your auto insurance company.

They may need some personal information, your policy number, and the company you’re switching to. In some states, your license can be suspended for having a gap in auto insurance.

The best companies won’t contribute to negligence, so you may be stuck with your Nationwide auto insurance policy until you can get another one.

Can you cancel your Nationwide insurance policy at any time?

Nationwide Insurance Company prefers that you pick a date to cancel your auto insurance policy. However, you’re welcome to cancel your auto insurance at any time.

Representatives will send an email about your cancellation the moment you’re done speaking with them.

Do you receive a refund after canceling Nationwide auto insurance?

It depends. If you’ve paid for your auto insurance in full, Nationwide will refund the portion of paid car insurance that wasn’t used. All the months where you’ve paid for auto insurance won’t be refunded.

You may have already received a refund for auto insurance. People who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic have received refunds on auto insurance.

Watch this news report on how some organizations in the United States lobbied to have auto insurance companies, like Nationwide, refund policies or lower premiums.

According to Insurance Business Magazine, Nationwide offered a one-time refund of $50 for each personal auto insurance policy. The $50 rebate is equivalent to a 15 percent savings on auto insurance.

How do I cancel my Nationwide account?

When you cancel your Nationwide auto insurance, your account may deactivate. Nationwide will close your account. If you returned to Nationwide before the cancellation was complete, you might maintain your policy number and policy altogether.

However, returning to a canceled account after the cancellation is finalized will start a new policy and account number.

Can you cancel your Nationwide policy online?

You can access your Nationwide policy information through your Nationwide Insurance login. However, you can’t cancel your auto insurance policy online. You may be able to send over information using Nationwide’s cancellation fax number. Any cancellation over the internet won’t happen.

Why? It may be a cybersecurity issue or just a strict policy requiring Nationwide customers to speak with representatives. If Nationwide allowed online cancellations, they wouldn’t be able to offer more discounts to you. Remember, Nationwide and other car insurance companies want your business. They don’t want you to cancel.

Nationwide Auto Insurance Discounts

When you try to cancel, a representative will try to get you to stay. They may offer several discounts. If you weren’t aware of these discounts before, be sure to ask about them before you cancel your Nationwide auto insurance policy.

Check out this list of Nationwide car insurance discounts.

Nationwide Auto Insurance Discounts
x means Discount Is Available
- means Discount Is NOT Available
Adaptive Cruise Controlx
Adaptive Headlightsx
Anti-lock Brakesx
Claim Freex
Continuous Coverage-
Daytime Running Lightsx
Defensive Driverx
Distant Studentx
Driver's Ed-
Driving Device/Appx
Early Signingx
Electronic Stability Controlx
Emergency Deployment-
Engaged Couple-
Family Legacy-
Family Planx
Farm Vehicle-
Fast 5-
Federal Employee-
Forward Collision Warningx
Full Payment-
Further Educationx
Good Creditx
Good Studentx
Green Vehicle-
Lane Departure Warningx
Life Insurancex
Low Mileagex
Military Garaging-
Multiple Drivers-
Multiple Policiesx
Multiple Vehiclesx
New Address-
New Customer/New Plan-
New Graduate-
Newer Vehiclex
Newly Licensed-
Occasional Operator-
On Time Payments-
Online Shopper-
Paperless Documentsx
Paperless/Auto Billingx
Passive Restraintx
Recent Retirees-
Roadside Assistance-
Safe Driverx
Seat Belt Use-
Senior Driver-
Stable Residencex
Students & Alumnix
Switching Provider-
Utility Vehicle-
Vehicle Recoveryx
VIN Etchingx
Young Driver-

Compare RatesStart Now →

Your vehicle may have a few safety features and anti-theft features, which you can use to lower your auto insurance rates. If your credit has improved since you’ve had your policy, let Nationwide know. You could qualify for cheaper rates.

Review the other available discounts and find out how much you can save. If Nationwide’s auto insurance rates are still too expensive, consider going with another company.

Is there a fee to cancel Nationwide auto insurance?

Usually, auto insurance companies issue a short-rate fee or a flat fee when you cancel your auto insurance. Nationwide Insurance Company doesn’t give a cancellation fee.

Flat fees can be $25 or more. Some auto insurance companies will give you a short-rate fee. According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), a short-rate fee is a percentage of your car insurance policy that the company will charge you.

Fortunately for Nationwide customers, they won’t have to deal with flat cancellation fees or short-rate fees.

How do I cancel a payment with Nationwide?

There are several ways you can cancel your Nationwide auto insurance payment. You can contact customer service, manage your account online, or go meet with a Nationwide agent in person to cancel a payment. Explain your situation to an agent about why you want to cancel a payment.

If talking with Nationwide representatives won’t help, go to your bank and let them know why you want to stop payment on your Nationwide account. Doing so will likely disable the use of a debit card, credit card, or bank account with Nationwide. Therefore, you’ll have to pay Nationwide using a different method payment, such as a new debit or credit card.

How do I change my address with Nationwide Insurance?

Are you leaving the state? Or are you moving to another city? Changing your address is easy and required. Auto insurance companies have made it clear that you can’t use one ZIP code and live in another. Your auto insurance policy can be terminated if you lie about your ZIP code.

When you change your permanent address, let Nationwide know about the change. Contact an agent by phone, in-person, or even through your online Nationwide auto insurance account.

The change in ZIP code could mean cheaper or more expensive Nationwide car insurance rates. It all depends on where you live.

How to Cancel Nationwide Auto Insurance: The Bottom Line

Canceling your Nationwide auto insurance is easy. All you have to do is contact the Nationwide toll-free customer service number at 1-877-669-6877 or meet with a Nationwide agent in your local area. Let them know you want to cancel your Nationwide auto insurance.

You can use the same steps to cancel Nationwide insurance for pets, Nationwide renters insurance, and Nationwide home insurance. Without cancellation fees, all you need to do is have another car insurance policy ready to go.

Ready to buy auto insurance? Now that you know how to cancel Nationwide auto insurance, you can enter your ZIP code in the FREE online quote tool below to find auto insurance rates near you.


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