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How to Cancel Country Financial Auto Insurance

Things to Remember

  • Knowing how to cancel Country Financial auto insurance will protect drivers from cancellation fees and lapses in insurance
  • Drivers will need to gather their policy numbers and evidence of reason for cancellation, such as a bill of sale if they are no longer driving
  • Drivers can cancel their Country Financial policy at any time, even in the middle of a policy period

How do I cancel my Country Financial insurance? While canceling may seem like an easy task, there are few important things drivers should know beforehand about how to cancel Country Financial auto insurance.

Improper cancellation could result in fees or a lapse in insurance, leaving drivers exposed and driving without insurance.

To learn what steps drivers need to take to cancel Country Financial insurance, keep reading. Whether you are looking for affordable Country Financial auto insurance quotes or to start shopping for a new insurer before canceling Country Financial, use our free rate comparison tool above.

Table of Contents

How to Cancel Country Financial Insurance

If you are ready to dump the Country Financial logo on your insurance cards and move onto a new company with better car insurance discounts or rates, there are few things you should know before picking up the phone.

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What information do I need to cancel Country Financial insurance?

Getting your paperwork and information ready beforehand will save you time and make sure your cancellation goes as smoothly as possible. The basic information you will need for every cancellation is your name, Country Financial policy number, and reason for cancellation.

There are three main reasons for cancellation: you are switching insurers, you no longer need insurance, or you sold your vehicle. Insurers will request something different for each reason.

  • If you are switching insurers, you will need the name and policy number of your new insurer, as well as the start date of your new policy.
  • If you no longer need insurance, such as deployment or health issues, you don’t need to tell your insurer why. Just simply state you will no longer be driving and don’t need insurance any longer.
  • If you sold your car, your insurer may ask for a bill of sale as proof.

In most cases, insurers will just need a brief statement about why you are leaving. If you are switching, there is a good reason why insurers want proof of the new start date.

A lapse in insurance is illegal, and even going without insurance for a few days will result in higher rates if insurers find out.

How do I contact Country Financial to cancel my policy?

To cancel your Country Financial policy, you need to contact your local Country Financial representative. Your local representative will cancel your policy for you.

Note that this is the only method of cancellation Country Financial lists on their website, even though you may also call or send mail to Country Financial.

If you need help finding a local representative in your area, you can use Country Financial’s representative search tool on the website or call 866-COUNTRY (866-268-6879). Phones are answered 24/7.

If you would prefer to contact Country Financial through the mail, you can send a letter to the following address:

COUNTRY Financial
1701 N Towanda Ave
Bloomington, IL 61701-2057

It is important to point out that using the Country Financial insurance mailing address will be the slowest method of contact, so if you want information on canceling quickly, call your local representative or the Country Financial customer service line.

When can I cancel Country Financial insurance?

You can cancel your Country Financial insurance policy at any time. Country Financial clearly states that there is no fee for cancellation, so even if you cancel before the end of your policy you won’t have to pay a fee.

If you decide to cancel before your policy period ends, you are also entitled to a partial refund for the unused policy.

So if you purchase a six-month policy and prepay before canceling in the second month, you should be refunded for the unused four months of the policy.

Should I check that my Country Financial policy was cancelled?

Absolutely. Mistakes happen, so it always wise to check that your Country Financial policy was canceled after you contact your local representative. To do this, you should sign into the my Country Financial account and make sure it is inactive.

You should also check Country Financial billing if you have automatic payments to make sure they are stopped.

There have been cases of automatic billing cases at other insurers, where automatic billing continued after customers canceled their policies.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Cancel Country Financial Auto Insurance

If you still have questions, don’t fear. We are going to go over some of the most frequently asked questions about Country Financial auto insurance company and canceling.

#1 – Is Country Financial a good insurance company?

Country Financial may not be a bigger brand name among the best companies, but it does have good customer satisfaction reviews and has an A+ rating from A.M. Best (a financial rating website).

An A+ rating from A.M. Best means a company is capable of meeting its ongoing financial responsibilities, such as paying claims.

However, whether Country Financial is a good company depends on your individual needs and rates. Getting a quote from Country Financial and comparing it to other companies’ rates in your area is a good way to decide if Country Financial is right for you.

#2 – What is the Country Financial grace period?

A grace period is how long you have to pay a late bill before your insurer will drop you. The usual grace period is 10 days, but it can vary by insurer.

Country Financial doesn’t specify a grace period for late bills, but it does state that your rates may go up if you have a missed or late payment at Country Financial. However, the increase will still be less than if you had a lapse in insurance coverage.

#3 – Does Country Financial have homeowners insurance?

Yes, Country Financial does offer homeowners insurance. They also have auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, business insurance, farm/ranch insurance, crop insurance, and specialty products insurance.

#4 – Should I keep my Country Financial insurance cards?

Yes. Even if you’ve canceled your Country Financial policy, you should hold onto your insurance card and other documents.

Why? You may need to find the policy number and other information later when you sign up at other insurers. After a few years, it will be safe to toss your Country Financial insurance card.

We hope our guide to canceling Country Financial has been useful. Whether you want Country Financial auto insurance rates or to start shopping for a new insurer after canceling Country Financial, enter your ZIP code in our free tool below.


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