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What is an auto insurance policy number?

Things to remember...

  • Every auto insurance carrier formats their policy number differently
  • Your policy number should be displayed right on the front of your policy
  • When you cannot find your auto policy number, ask your insurance carrier for guidance
  • Managing your auto insurance policy online is another easy way to find your policy number

Auto insurance companies use policy numbers to identify customers and types of coverage. All companies organize them differently, and your number is unique. What is a policy number on auto insurance? Your insurance policy number appears on auto insurance cards, billing statements, and online accounts. You need this number to prove you are not driving without insurance if pulled over.

There are a lot of things that you need to know when you go to buy an auto insurance policy for the first time. You have to see what you need in terms of coverage. You need to know when you want your car insurance policy to go into effect, the rates that you will be charged, and so on.

Read on to learn more about auto insurance policy numbers. If you are looking for the best auto insurance rates and the best company for you, start comparison shopping by entering your ZIP code above.

Table of Contents

Where Can I Find My Car Insurance Policy Number?

If you look at your auto insurance policy documents and insurance card, you might wonder what that jumble of letters and numbers is on the top of all of your paperwork.

  • A policy number is something that can be easily found on your insurance card when managing your auto insurance.
  • Every auto insurance company issues its own policy numbers to its applicants after the policy is underwritten.
  • The policy number is an identifier that the policyholder can use when making policy inquiries, changes, payments, or claims.
  • How many digits are in a car insurance policy number depends on the insurance company and the state where your policy was written.
  • The beginning of the policy number sequence will usually be unique to a specific carrier. If you’ve been involved in an accident and you have the other driver’s insurance policy number, your claims adjuster may be able to identify the driver’s carrier just by looking at the sequence.
  • You can find your insurance policy number on your declarations page, your auto insurance ID card, your billing invoices, or any other mailers that you receive from your auto insurance company.

While this sequence of digits might bring back memories of solving algebraic equations in school, it’s your personal auto insurance policy number that can access your information.

How many digits are in an auto insurance policy numbers?

An auto insurance policy is unique and should contain nine to 13 digits. No two companies generate their insurance policy numbers the same way, so each carrier’s sequence will vary.

If you’re trying to locate your policy number and you’re not sure what to look for, you might be curious to learn how many digits that number will be. Unfortunately, there’s not a universal number of digits that all insurance carriers use.

It’s even more confusing to learn that a policy number might not also be a number at all. Here’s what you need to know about policy numbers for future reference.

Is My Policy Number a Unique Identifier?

Typically, reading auto insurance policies is pretty straightforward as long as you have someone helping you along the way.

When you get to the policy number, though, what does that mean? There are all sorts of limits, dates, coverages, endorsements, and everything in-between buried across a car insurance policy. The policy number is something that’s quickly glossed over by an insured driver.

In the event you need the coverage you have been paying your premium for all along, you want to know:

  • What your policy number is
  • What it represents
  • How it can be beneficial to you

You want to think of your policy number as a unique identifier. This number ties you and your insurance policy to your insurer.

We all have a Social Security Number from living as citizens in the United States of America. That number is unique to every one of us, and when that number is given, it represents who we are.

The same can be said for your policy number as it represents you and your policy in the eyes of an insurance company.

Are All Insurance Companies Different?

Every single car insurance company out there is different in terms of how they create a policy number.

Some of them may create a policy number that is made up of just numeric digits, while others may rely on letters. Some may use a combination of the two while having some coding embedded into them.

Think about things such as the year that your policy is in effect. Or the types of coverages you have purchased.

These types of things could arrange in your policy number that your insurer can easily understand, even though you may not.

How Do You Use Your Policy Number If You Have an Accident?

When you get into an auto accident, you want to have your policy number handy. Before we move on, let’s examine how accidents and other violations affect your auto insurance rates.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Records
Driving RecordAverage Annual Auto Insurance Rates
Clean record$3,124
One speeding violation on record$3,669
One accident on record$4,100
One DUI on record$4,920

Compare RatesStart Now →

Knowing what that number is can easily allow you to share your car insurance information with who you need to.

 Your policy number can help the claims process be that much more effective and efficient as your policy is going to be able to be found in no time at all.

It is much better to be able to provide your policy number than just your general insurance carrier.

Where is Your Insurance Policy Number Located?

You want to know the insurance policy number location.

Chances are it is right on the very first page of your car insurance policy, but if you cannot find it easily, be sure to ask your insurer.

Your insurer should be able to point you right to where the car insurance policy number is.

If that fails, check your account on the insurer’s website or the smartphone app. Both of these should also have the policy number information in there.

Where is My Policy Number on My Insurance Card?

The policy number should be easily identified on your insurance card, and labeled clearly. It’s usually found near the top, but every insurance company is a little different.

The policy number on your car insurance policy is what ties you to the insurer that you are paying your auto insurance rate.

In the event of an accident, using that policy number can help your auto insurance claim work timely, getting your coverage in sync with you, and working for you very quickly.

Wondering how to file an auto insurance claim? It can take three to seven days for an auto insurance adjuster to assess damage and process your claim, so get started now.

Talk to your insurance carrier to understand what their policy number format is and how you can find yours on your policy.

Do the Number & Sequence of the Digits Vary By Carrier?

Most policy numbers can often be a sequence of 10 or fewer numbers and letters. Unfortunately, since companies are responsible for creating their sequence, no carrier uses the same series when they are generating policy numbers.

With most carriers, it’s helpful to know that there won’t be a mixture of numbers and letters.

Usually, the letters preceding numbers represent the state where the policy was issued and the type of policy the number identifies.

The letters may be the state’s abbreviation or code that represents the state in the company’s system. The numbers following any letters are the digits that are unique to your policy. Only your account will have these numbers.

How Do I Identify Insurance Company by Policy Number?

Identifying a car insurance company by policy number is not an impossible task, but you will need to do some research. Whether you are looking for an insurance group number or an insurance policy number, if you do not know your insurance company’s name, then your task will be difficult but not impossible. Check billing documents, ID cards, and even emails for clues to who your insurance company is based on the policy number.

What is a VIN, & is that different from a policy number?

The VIN, which stands for Vehicle Identification Number, is an identifying code for a specific vehicle. Every car that’s produced by a manufacturer on a factory line will be issued its own VIN.

The VIN is a 16-digit or a 17-digit number that’s found on the window etching and the vehicle frame.

Is a VIN the Same Thing as a Car Insurance Policy Number?

Vehicle Identification Numbers aren’t the same thing as insurance policy numbers because they identify the car and not the policy.

Some companies have advanced databases where they can pull up an insurance policy by inputting the VIN, but this isn’t a universal capability. All insurers, however, have systems where inputting the VIN can decode information on the vehicle.

Here’s what a VIN tells you:

  • Digits 1-3 are the manufacturer’s identifier.
  • Digits 4-8 are vehicle features
  • Digit 9 is a fraud verification number
  • Digit 10 is the vehicle’s model year
  • Digit 11 is the code for the assembly plant where the car was manufactured
  • Digits 12-17 is the vehicle’s identifier off the assembly line

Keep reading to learn where you can find your policy number.

Where Can I Find My Car Insurance Policy Number?

Chances are you don’t know your auto insurance policy number by heart. Since it’s not a number you’ll use regularly, you must know where to find it when you need it to file a claim or make an insurance payment.

Here are a few places that you can look if you’re having trouble getting your information:

Declarations Page

Your declarations page includes very detailed information about the coverage that you carry. The declarations page is the most important document you’ll receive from your insurer when your policy is issued and when it renews.

Your policy number will be at the top of your declarations page, and it will remain the same as long as your policy isn’t rewritten.

Auto Insurance ID Card

Your insurance ID cards are smaller documents that are portable, so they are easier to carry on-the-go. Every carrier must issue your up-to-date ID cards each term. On your auto insurance card, you’ll find the following information:

  • Company name and contact number
  • Named insured
  • Policy number
  • Effective date
  • Expiration date
  • VIN

Read on to hear about billing invoices.

Billing Invoices

If you’re paying your premiums monthly, you will get monthly billing notices in the mail or your email inbox. This notice will include the policy number and the amount due.

If the whole number doesn’t show for security reasons, log into your account online or call your agent.

There will come a time where having your policy number on hand can be helpful. If you’re shopping for coverage, it’s nice to have your current policy information available. Enter your coverage information in a quote tool, and you can see if switching makes financial sense.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is a policy number on auto insurance?

For the final section of this guide, we’ll explore frequently asked questions that appear on search engines across the web. Also, we’ll recap what you’ve learned. Visit our main page for more articles, guides, and reviews on auto insurance.

What is a policy number on car insurance? Now that you know, enter your ZIP code below to compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies today.

#1 – How to find my car insurance policy number online?

If you have access to the insurance company’s website, create a login with your personal information. Your auto insurance policy number should be displayed somewhere on the web page.

#2 – Is an insurance policy number the same as the account number?

It depends. Some insurance companies will give you two ways to identify you. An insurance policy number could list insurance coverage information, while an account number could list more sensitive information like an SSN or bank account.

#3 – How do I find my auto insurance policy?

You can find your auto insurance policy by contacting your insurance company. They may ask you for some personal information that connects your policy number. If you’re not able to contact the insurance company, try using a billing statement. Identifying your insurance company policy number is easier with the billing statement.

#4 – What does a policy number look like?

An auto insurance policy number can be a series of letters and numbers. An example of an auto insurance policy number would be something like M100 NX0A. Auto insurance companies never send fake car insurance policy numbers.


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