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Insurify Auto Insurance Review [2021 Rate Quotes]

Insurify Overview
Key InfoDetailsSource
OwnerSnejina ZachariaInsurify
Headquarters222 Third St. #1320
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone(866) 373-0443Insurify
Email Say Hello: [email protected]

Media inquiries: [email protected]

Business partnerships & affiliates: [email protected]
Number of Employees11–50LinkedIn

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Are you looking for a quote comparison company? Wondering which comparison site is best for auto insurance? Not all companies are accurate when they provide you with quote comparisons, which can lead to you picking the wrong auto insurance provider. If you’re thinking of using Insurify to compare rates, it’s a good idea to first look into this company’s reputation and the process it uses to formulate rates.

To help you make sure you’re getting the best rate comparison possible, we’re going to cover all this and more in our Insurify auto insurance review.

We’ll discuss Insurify’s history, what online quotes are, how to compare auto insurance quotes with our FREE tool today, and more.

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Table of Contents

What are the auto insurance ratings for Insurify?

Take a look at the table below to see some of the ratings Insurify has posted on its website.

Insurify Customer Satisfaction and Reviews
SiteCustomer Satisfaction RatingNumber of Reviews
Clearsurance3.82 / 5122
Facebook4.3 / 532
Google4.6 / 541
HighYa3.5 / 510
ShopperApproved4.8 / 52,577
Total Score4.7 / 52,782

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All of these sites measure customer satisfaction — the scores you see in the left column are averages based on customer review ratings. Insurify did well, as the average score from all of the sites together is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Another satisfaction score we want to look at is the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) rating for Insurify.

While Insurify is not a BBB accredited site, the BBB has given it a tentative rating of A+.

This rating is based on BBB’s normal criteria, but it excludes customer complaints and how the company honors its commitments with the BBB. However, the rating does look at the following:

  • Type of business
  • How long the company has been in business
  • Transparency of business practices
  • Any licensing and government actions the BBB is aware of
  • Advertising issues

Insurify’s rating is based solely on the above factors. If the BBB accredits Insurify at some point, then its review will include customer complaints and Insurify’s commitment to the BBB.

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What is the background of Insurify auto insurance?

Most people are more likely to trust a well-established company with a respectable reputation and history. To give you an idea of whether or not you can count on Insurify for accurate quotes, we’ll go over how the company started, what its purpose is, how it operates, and more. Let’s get started.

Insurify was founded in 2013 by three visionaries who used artificial intelligence to create a system that offers personalized quote comparison for home and auto insurance with the use of a virtual insurance agent.  How did they accomplish this?

The company partnered with multiple insurance companies and brokers to collect first-hand data on how rates are formulated.

The company’s website also provides comprehensive information on car insurance and home insurance so that you can find answers to your basic questions. Since its foundation, Insurify has been highly rated and earned $15 million in revenue.

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What auto insurance companies does Insurify offer?

Insurify represents a wide range of both regional and national insurance providers, including many of the top-rated insurance companies in the U.S. Take a look at the table below to see what major companies are on Insurify.

National Auto Insurance Companies on Insurify (2020)
CompaniesInsurify Composite Score Customer Rating (out of 5 stars)Total Customer Reviews
American National NR3.612
Ameriprise 783.540
Esurance 914.54,722
Geico 873.43,735
The General NR2.8188
The Hartford924.729,515
Liberty Mutual 803.0855
State Farm 833.52,186

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Insurify’s scores are based on analysis conducted by financial rating sites like Moody’s and A.M. Best, as well as customer satisfaction rating sites like J.D. Power. We also included the customer review scores on Insurify to give you an idea of what customers think of these companies. These reviews can help you to decide which insurance company is best for auto insurance that meets your needs.

Some of the companies have thousands of customer reviews, while others have just a handful. This is indicative of the size of the company. The bigger the company, the more customers there are to submit reviews. There are a lot of sources that provide auto insurance reviews, so you may need to look around for information on smaller companies.

In addition to the big names, Insurify is partnered with over a hundred regional companies.

These are companies that are specific to one geographical location, such as a state, and don’t sell policies nationwide. Because Insurify is partnered with so many companies, you can get quite a variety of quotes.

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Insurify Auto Insurance Quotes

Now that you have a little background information, we want to get into how Insurify’s quotes work. Obviously, you want to know that the quotes you’re getting will be accurate and suited to your insurance needs, so we’ll explain exactly how they are generated.

So if you want to learn more about online auto insurance quotes and how to get one from Insurify, keep reading.

How do online auto insurance quotes work?

We’ve mentioned how Insurify uses artificial intelligence to formulate its quotes. Insurify’s auto insurance quotes are based on the following factors:

  • Your location – Your ZIP code matters to insurers for a variety of reasons, as they will weigh risk factors like the crime, frequency of accidents, and potential for natural disasters in your area when issuing your insurance rate.
  • Your age and gender – Younger drivers are inexperienced, which means the average cost of teen auto insurance is higher. Crash data also shows that male drivers are riskier to insurer, so males typically pay more than females.
  • Your home – Homeowners often pay less, as there are bundling discounts for homeowners who also purchase auto insurance.
  • Your driving record – DUIs, accidents, and speeding tickets will raise your rates.
  • Your automobile – An automobile with a good crash rating and easy to find replacement parts will cost less to insure.
  • Your marital status – Car insurance is cheaper if you’re married than it is for single drivers, as there are two people responsible for the bills.

All insurers will use these factors to determine rates, so Insurify uses the data from insurers to give you accurate quotes when you fill out a quote form.

The catch is that even though insurers use the same factors to determine rates, they all value them a little bit differently, which is why the prices vary.

One insurer may charge more for accidents than DUIs or set higher prices for teens. You might also see your insurance rate change if you move from one state to another, or even from one neighborhood to another. This is because of the location-specific factors we mentioned earlier.

When you move, your insurer will raise or lower your rates depending on what risk factors are relevant to your area. If you move from a rural area to a bustling city with high crime rates, you will see an increase in price. Use our free rate tool below to start comparing auto insurance prices in your area.

Use our FREE comparison tool to start auto insurance shopping today.

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Insurify Auto Insurance Pros & Cons

We’ve talked about company history and how to get a quote in our Insurify auto insurance review, but there are a few other things we want to go over. It’s important that you understand the benefits and downsides of using Insurify, as you’re trusting the site to give you accurate quote information to save you money. So before we wrap up our review, let’s look at the pros and cons.

What are the advantages of using Insurify?

Insurify is partnered with multiple different companies, so you can get a wide range of quotes.

You only have to fill out one quote form to see rates from different companies, compared to filling out dozens of quote forms.

Insurify doesn’t sell your information.

What are Insurify’s cons?

Insurify doesn’t have quotes for every company, which means you may have to fill out a few separate quote forms.

While Insurify doesn’t sell your information, one of its advertising partners could if you click on the wrong link, such as FirstQuoteHealth.com (usually listed on your final quote page). This means you could be hounded by people calling or emailing you.

You’re here with us now, so why waste the time with Insurify when we can provide you free auto insurance quotes to compare right now.

Use our FREE tool below.

Insurify Auto Insurance FAQs

We’re nearly done with our guide, but we want to make sure we’ve covered everything you might want to know about Insurify. Before we leave you, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions.

What does Insurify do?

Insurify is a quote comparison company that has partnered with insurance companies like Allstate and Liberty Mutual. Insurify makes the process of shopping for insurance quotes simple. You will be required to enter your ZIP code, and then enter information about your vehicle (year, make, model) and whether you are financing it or own it.

Should I use Insurify or an independent insurance agency to buy auto insurance?

It depends on your preferences, but using Insurify allows you to find multiple quotes quicker than if you went through an independent insurance agency. However, the catch is that you don’t get personalized guidance through the quote process.

You choose your own coverage levels and company, whereas if you go through an agency, they can offer advice on which companies are best and what coverage options will suit your needs.

Can you get an auto insurance quote without giving personal information?

It is possible to get quotes without giving out personal information. Some insurers, like The General, will allow you to get anonymous quotes.

Unfortunately, Insurify doesn’t allow you to get a quote without entering your email, phone, and address. So if you’re looking for a quote but don’t want to submit personal information, Insurify probably isn’t the place for you.

Is it cheaper to buy auto insurance online or through an agent?

One option isn’t really cheaper than the other unless the agent is receiving a finder’s fee. If that’s the case, the rate may be a little higher because insurers are paying the agents.

For the most part, though, the only difference between finding insurance online or through an agent is that there is usually a wider range of insurance companies to pick from online.

Agents are sometimes limited to the insurers that they are partnered with, which means they have fewer quotes to give you.

Do auto insurance quotes affect your credit score?

When you apply for an auto insurance quote, insurance companies will sometimes do what is called a “soft pull” on your credit score. These soft pulls do not affect your credit score at all. However, your credit score can affect your auto insurance rates. Auto insurance companies usually charge more for poor credit, sometimes adding up to $1,000 to a driver’s rates.

Is Insurify safe?

Insurify has around 2,000 customer reviews and was rated 3.7 out of 5 at Consumer Advocate. While the company does not sell consumer information, it is possible for a few advertising partners to do so.

How many auto insurance quotes should I compare?

You should at least compare a handful of quotes. Ideally, you would look for the best-rated auto insurance companies, pick at least four, and get quotes from them. The more quotes you compare, the better chance you have of getting the best rate for your automobile.

How often should I shop for auto insurance?

Who is the number one auto insurance company for you? It changes regularly. That’s why we recommend that you reassess your policy every year. Rates are always fluctuating, especially with so many insurers in competition with each other, so the cheapest insurer is constantly changing.

What was the best auto insurance for 2019 may have changed in 2020. If you look at quotes every year, you can determine if the company you’re currently doing business with is giving you a good deal or if you can do better elsewhere.

What are some other reviews of auto insurance quoting sources?

You’ll find Zebra insurance reviews, gabi.com reviews, Smart Financial insurance reviews, and insurancecomparisons.org reviews online, among the companies that offer online insurance quotes. And of course our own highly regarded and FREE auto insurance comparison tool below.

We hope our Insurify auto insurance review answered all your questions. If you would like to jump right into comparing auto insurance rates, enter your ZIP code in our free rate tool below to find cheap insurance quotes.


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